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Youppi! says Joyeux Noel...

YouppisantaMONTREAL -- Just ran into On Frozen Pond's second favorite former Expos employee (Pete Rose is first, Andre Dawson third and The Crow is fourth). Call me homey!

Anyway, old Youppi wanted me to pass along his warmest holiday wishes. And I told him I would. Listen, when you give a furry mascot your word, you better stick to it mister.

Youppi They'll haunt your dreams. I'm serious. I once lied to Burnie, the Heat's mascot, about something and I'm just now getting over it. Will never do that again.

-- Just got word that Mike Van Ryn had surgery today on his right wrist. Proceedure was done at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, but that's all we know right now. I love Baltimore, and should have given Mike my list of places to hit in Charm City.

Sure, he's probably in no mood to head out, but I think a trip to Nacho Mamas in Canton would have put him in a better mood.

It always does the trick for me.

-- Panteros up 2-0 after the first period. Doesn't look like they came out flat tonight. And don't forget, the team is staying here tonight after the game. If they win, watch out Montreal. Cats on the prowl....

-- This is by far the most passionate 'Kiss Cam' I've ever seen. I haven't seen this much tongue on the JumboTron since my last KISS concert....

-- Nathan Horton went off the ice briefly in the second. He's back. Either a skate problem or a bathroom break.

-- Panthers lead in lancers 15-12.

-- Lancer is French for 'touchdown.' Or shot. I get confused.