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Motown Memories

Tigerdstadium DETROIT -- Good to be back in the Big Apple, a town that prides itself on good hockey, Chinese food and quick and easy forays into Canada.

See, from my hotel room at the Renaissance Center, I can clearly see the Canadian side of the Detroit River. I can also clearly see Detroit. Which is OK too, 'cause I'm a Motown kinda guy.

Stopped by Tiger Stadium on my way to Wings practice today, took some shots including the one at left. Sad to see the old battleship looking the way it does, especially since Fenway Park -- which opened the same time as El Tigre -- is in such better shape.

To see such a beautiful ballpark be in such a state of disarray is shameful. Word is the old park is going to be torn down. I'm going to miss seeing it on my visits here, but good. Same goes for the Orange Bowl. Rather see it gone than be forgotten like this.

-- Went and saw the Wings today. They don't seem any worse for wear after last night's loss. According to Mike Babcock, Chris Osgood going in net tomorrow.

Bert1 -- Got some news today as the Shawn Matthias "Askew" deal finally went down. Yes, the prospect Florida got from Detroit in exchange for Todd Bertuzzi is now under contract with the Cats. Matthias, 19, will finish his junior career this season and is expected to battle for a roster spot next season. He'll probably start the 2008-09 season in Rochester -- or wherever the Panthers AHL team is located -- but you never know.

Askew is fourth in the Ontario Hockey League in scoring, getting 19 goals and 37 assists for the Bellville Bulls.

-- David Booth's knee looks better apparently, and he's on his way to Detroit. He's going to be here for the morning skate, and if all looks OK, he'll be in the lineup for his homecoming game against the Red Wings.