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Daaaaaaaa Cats.....

Superfans CHICAGO -- Greetings from United Center, where the Panthers and Blackhawks both come in after playing -- and losing -- last night.

Little bit of news out of Panthers today, and am not going to bore you with the patented LIVE BLOG, not with Denis, Goldie, Mike., Mitch and Kenny back on the job.

Ville Peltonen will be out the next few weeks with a broken foot. Instead of calling a guy up, Brett McLean -- so happy yesterday and now I can see why -- gets back in the lineup. He's been out with a broken right hand since Nov. 13.

Also, JM throws a curve, puts Tomas Vokoun in net. Not only is Craig Anderson rested and ready, this would be his homecoming game. Vokoun got quite the workout last night in Detroit, but is a workhorse, so let the man plow.

JM also told us that Mike Van Ryn is going to have arthroscopic surgery in Baltimore this week. They still don't know what's wrong with his wrist, but it ain't good. Word was Ryno was probably out for the season, and while I hope that isn't true for his sake, wouldn't be surprised if that is indeed the final tally.