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Phat in Philly

ReidGreetings from your favorite chubby Florida hockey writer who, in desperation to find a Philadelphia connection without going to the cheesesteak well again, came up with an Andy Reid connection.

My apologies coach if I've hurt your feelings, but I like my shirts with a pair of Xs in them too.

With that out of the way, we can return to hockey. Coming live from the Sunrise Arena, getting set for an afternoon tilt between the Marlins and Phillies. Looking forward to seeing Ryan Howard in the middle of this lineup. Dude can mash.

-- Speaking of mashed, JM sending a message it appears as Branislav Mezei is a healthy scratch today. Mezei was one of the players JM called out by name after Friday's loss to Montreal. Mez sure wasn't the only guilty party, but it looks like he's the one paying for it. He may be hurt, but he didn't look it at practice yesterday. If he is injured, will update.

-- Speaking of fat, had lunch at Char-Hut today. Hard to find a better burger than that in South Florida. We don't have In-and-Out you know.

-- In the "I Could Have Predicted That" Department: JM has switched up his lines again. Starting tonight: The trio of Olli, Dvorak and McLean start today.

-- And we're underway. Since today's game isn't on local TV, everyone stand up and shout "LIVE BLOG!"

-- Redskins leads Cowboys 10-0; that game is on local TV. Fox-7 to be precise.

Browns -- Obviously looking forward to tonight's Oilers-Colts matchup. Not only is it a battle of transplants (I know: get over it), but if the Colts win, the 10-6 Brownies get into the playoffs. So, I'm rooting for the Colts.

-- Somebody put something in the Florida water bottles today. They are downright flying. Drug test!

-- Gary Roberts, former protein shake mixologist for the Panthers, is out indefinitely with a broken leg suffered last night. Best wishes go out to him with hopes for a speedy recovery.

-- Shots five minutes in: FLA 5-1. But if you don't score, "you ain't got dinky-doo.''

-- Official "Lets Root for the Colts" watch party tonight at the Sunrise Quarterdeck...bring your own Baltimore memorabilia.

-- David Booth playing with Jozef "Goalie" Stumpel and Tanner "Broken" Glass...

-- Speaking of broken, Rochester went down to Cleveland 3-0 last night. That puts them in last place in their division. Amerks have lost 11 of 12.

Bluesbros -- The Ice Dancers have gone country and western on us. And that's just fine with me. The Philly writers seem to be enjoying the scenery too...

-- Speaking of skimpy, congrats to the Dolphins for just finishing this season. Don't know if I'll get to cover Cam this summer or not.

-- Here are your complete line combos as it stands right now: Olli-Dvo-McLean; Weiss-Campbell-Horton; Stumpel-Glass-Booth; Kreps-Olesz-Zednik...

-- Olli hits the ice, first penalty of night. Not saying Olli dove on the call, but if Ed Belfour was here, he might have done a demonstration...

-- Midway through first: FLA dominating play, keeping the puck deep in the Philly zone and outshooting the visitors 7-1. But no score. So there you are...

-- Radek Dvorak gets a penalty shot with a minute left, goes high...still scoreless...


-- We're in the second period now, not a whole lot to report...almost at the midway point and both teams have had some nice scoring chances...both teams have had power plays, and both goalies are playing well...FLA still leads big in shots, now @ 20-6...

-- Hate to jinx anything, but you can definitely tell a difference in the game presentation. Most of the Montreal game was all about hockey (except for the two Izod ads) and the commercials haven't been prevalent in this game either...just good old fashioned hockey....

-- Good crowd in the house...for JH who asked what the percentage of Flyers fans are here, the answer is: not noticible. See a few Philly jerseys, but doesn't look any different from a normal game, although the upper deck is pretty full...



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percentage of flyer fans present?

thx!!!! we neede Murphy to quaterback badly.....

best burgers in Broward are Le Tub on A1A in Hollywood, the wait is worth it.

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