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The Big 6-0-0

Keenan2MONTREAL -- Greetings from the old Spanish city where the temperature is expected to drop to minus 12 tonight.

And that's Fahrenheit my friend, not some wimpy minus-12 Celsius.

Hope all you folks bundled up in South Florida (low today: 53) read that minus-12 and shivered a bit. And then felt bad for me because I'm here braving this frozen tundra for you, the loyal hockey reader of The Miami Herald.

Truth be told, I kinda like it. Went walking around town today, did some window shopping. Couldn't do any real shopping, what with the Montreal prices about as obscene as their temps. Went into Foot Locker and saw a nice pair of Nike Shox. Being a Nike guy who likes finding deals, I checked the price tag. No deal here! They were $215 CA.

And that doesn't count all the different Canadian taxes you have to pay, like: Provincial tax, General Services tax, Nike Shox being misspelled tax, me being from Florida tax, a 'Jeffrey Loria ruined the Expos and you Floridians are paying for it' tax, the 'hey, you're not David J. Neal' tax, and of course, the 'you've been speaking English and not French since you walked in, so we're tossing on another Province tax' tax.

All told, those Nikes would have cost about $575 in U.S. dollars. I passed, only because they wanted to charge me an additional tax for using my Visa card instead of a MasterCard.

-- Back to the original topic: Congratulations are in order to Mike Keenan, who became only the sixth coach in NHL history to win 600 games. Keenan did it last night, and did it in one of his old cities. This one: St. Louis.

Got to hand it to Keenan and the Flames, they are playing some real good -- I mean, real good -- hockey right now. The new top line of Jarome Iginla, Kristian Huselius and Daymond Langcow have been brutally unstoppable. And five wins to kick off a six game road trip? That's sick.

-- PSA for the Panthers: The good folks at the Panthers Foundation are selling autographed pucks and mini sticks just in time to give as stocking stuffers or as 'official' Christmas gifts if you get the right player. Seriously. You get an Olli Jokinen or Tomas Vokoun or George Richards autograph, and that one you're wrapping up and getting full credit for. That don't go in the stocking.

Here's the deal. The fund raiser will be at Saturday's Leafs game. Mystery sticks are $30; pucks are $20. Get one autographed in gold and you keep the puck/stick and get an additional prize. All money goes to charity, so get a couple. Tell 'em Uncle George sent ya.

-- Minus 12 people. Wrap your mind around that for a minute. MINUS TWELVE...

-- Speaking of being cold, had lunch today in what used to be a castle. Had the rotisserie chicken. Figure that's what they ate back in castle times.

-- When it's too cold to walk to Timmies, you know it's cold.

-- In hockey news, Cory Murphy is expected to be back for tomorrow's practice and may play against the Canadiens. Actually, I made that up. I have no new news on Murph the Surf. He's not here, he hasn't practiced, so I can't see him playing until after Christmas, maybe even after New Years.

-- Good thing the Panthers aren't playing Friday what with FAU being in the Nawlins Bowl. Hoot Owl, Hoot!


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GR, any news on the Sprukts rumours???

put on a hat and some gloves and get some poutine and double double. add some baileys to the coffee if you get too cold.

Man, minus 12, huh? That's pretty cold but it's no chilly 80 degree December weather like we're having here in Aiea.

Go Panthers!

im gay

Now you know what I go through all winter, George. And too cold to walk to Tim Horton's? You mean you can't cross the street? Sheesh. Pansy.

Can you find out what the scoop is on Murphy's injury and some trade rumors that have Montreal's Mike Ryder headed to South Florida for a bag of used gym socks (a severe overpayment on Florida's part from what I see in the opinions of Montreal fans)?

Given that last posted commentary in your message board here I'd say it's time to moderate your blog a little;) I'd also say someone needs to pick up a newspaper because his stupid joke is on a topic that was news over two months ago. Very stale. Your writers on strike or something? Go back to late night, Conan!;)

Minus 12 celcius is not that bad. Look at Panther history. In the first season a group of friends went to the January 15 game where Beezer played on his head, the tempature that day was minus 50 windchill.

Now speaking of the gold sticks. I asked about this at the so called information area at the arena and the front office person working there said he had no clue what I was talking about, I asked him who would and he stated he did not know.

What a way to run an organization.

George can you find out where this will be set up so we don't have to walk the whole arena from top to bottom to see where the panther foundation is hidden.

Any news on booth for tonight? is he playing?

Would it have been even possible for Keenan to have achieved the milestone in a city in which he hasn't coached?

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