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The Snowy City

Detroitsnowday2CHICAGO -- Well, finally made it to the Second City, the City of Broad Shoulders, home of the deep dish pizza.

Man am I glad to be out of Detroit.

No offense to anyone in Motown, but I had my doubts this morning. The roads were snowy and snarled, thanks in great part to the snow that fell all night and in small part to a complete lack of salt trucks or snow plows anywhere in sight. You would think a major interstate would take plow priority, no?

Finally fought our way to the airport and found the United Airlines employees both friendly and helpful. Seriously. The United folks were as good and as nice as I've ever dealt with, completely destroying their reputation! Not only did they get us through quickly, but one heads-up gate worker grabbed us and put us on an earlier flight.

Now it's hockey time....

-- The big storm finally blew through Chicago (and is now pounding Cleveland Browns Stadium) and left plenty of snow and a pretty day behind. There isn't a cloud in the sky. Very picturesque.

-- Expecting to see Craig Anderson in net for his homecoming game. He beat the Hawks here in the preseason, figure he gets another shot tonight. Will update after meeting with JM at 6 p.m. MT (Miami Time).