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Bad Night for the Cats

Thursday wasn't kind to your Florida Bobcats (old Arena football reference for ya).

Not only did Florida slip farther back in the standings with Carolina and Washington winning, but the Lightning won and are now just two points back of the Cats.

And to make matters worse, here comes a very desperate - if not very good - Vancouver team.

Yes, these Panthers could be sellers very soon.


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Yep. I think we are pretty much done unless they win their next three or four in a row. It would be easier to swallow if the effort was there from everybody. The only guys they can seem to count on for effort are Vokoun, Booth and Montador. Oh well. Trade the vets other than Olli and let the kids play. Maybe they can play with something to prove.

It's a great blog George. Keep up the good work.

stick a fork in them, as the new President of the Dolphins stated a long time ago you are who you are and this team is still the same team it has been for 2.5 years.

No heart, no character and no guts, the three things a team needs to win in this league. See Melrose comments regarding the Boston Bruins who outwork their opponent every night.

Tonight is another meet the front office where the fans can expect more spin about where this team is and going (same thng stated every year for a long time now since we were told that they traded Bure to spend the 10m on 2 to 3 players instead of on one player.)

I was promised by a front office type that Saxton will tell the truth about this underachieving team.

As sad as it is to say it is time to get rid of some of these underachievers and get something for these assets, the next two drafts are suppose to be very deep

Can we trade back for our first draft pick? It will probably be the first overall.

Notice that the State of the Panthers lovefest will be @ 5:30 tonight. That's a good way to ensure that folks who work for a living won't be able to show up, & the few who do will have to buy dinner at the Arena. If they really wanted the imput of season ticket holders they would have held it last night after the autograph session for season ticket holders. People would have already been there in a more positive frame of mind after meeting the players.

You have to give Yormack & the Panthers credit. They may be clueless when it comes to putting together a team that can make the playoffs, but they sure know how to maximize their profits & minimize the opportunities to criticize management. No doubt, the invoice for playoff tickets will be in the mail shortly, along with a stirring letter about how the team is going in the right direction, & is right in the middle of the hunt for a playoff berth, blah, blah, blah.

Same stuff, same result, different year.

I agree. This team is lacking in every aspect,except in net. Booth and Olli are the only 2 who actually give 100% out there, everyone else doesn't care. Yorkman is a horrible owner,and JM an even worse coach. This team needs an enima,or lose the fans.

Yormack doesn't own the Panthers. He's with Sunrise Sports & Entertainment. Cohen is the majority owner of the Panthers.

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