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Breaking News

MilanoThere's a lot going on the world of hockey this Tuesday, from John Ferguson Jr. ousted in Toronto to Ottawa's Daniel Alfredsson coming back to the play the Panthers tonight.

Yet all of this pales in comparison to the news that Alyssa Milano is coming out with a new NHL-inspired clothing line for ladies.

Now, I know some may be skeptical about this being considered news. I know I was at first. But, word is Ms. Milano is going to be in Atlanta this weekend for the All-Star Game. I think it's my duty as a true sports journalist to track down this story and, at the same time, Ms. Milano.

Will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

-- On the ice, some decent sized news out of Sunrise today. Looks like Cory Murphy returns tonight to run the power play, the first of a handful of Florida's walking wounded to return. Branislav Mezei could play tonight as well. Obviously, though, the return of Murph the Surf is pretty big. He was having a great season before getting hurt. Saw Jozef Stumpel today as well, he looks good. He'll be back soon as well.

-- Daniel Alfredsson returns for the Senators tonight, his hip flexor injury apparently all healed up.The Sens have been struggling with both Dany Heatley and Alfredsson out of the lineup. So here comes a little help.

-- Ray Emery back in net for the Sens tonight. He's 2-0 against the Panthers this season and 6-1 against the Cats lifetime with one shutout.


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Pictures are a must!

I think it's my duty as a true sports journalist to track down this story and, at the same time, Ms. Milano.

If Murph the Surf is going to be playing tonight, who is going to assist you with popcorn and Diet Dr. Pepper consumption?

If Murph and Mez are back who is out besides Johansson?????

Dress 7 D?

Murf never helped with the popcorn or Diet Dr. Pepper, although I'm sure he would have. He's that kind of guy. Rosty Olesz, however, is still out and is a popcorn assistant candidate (since he started this whole thing in the first place)...And IF mez plays, I would guess 7 d play tonight...

Yeah i don't see Mezei playing tonight.

But Murphy i would LOVE to see.

Enjoy the popcorn with olesz. :)

I've seen some of Alyssa's baseball attire on the Tyra Banks TV show. Some of it was cute, some of it a bit skanky for my tastes. I do like the fact that it seems to fit better than the typical stuff at the arenas that is cut for men.

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