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Buffalo Chips

BuffaloEver been to Buffalo Wild Wings? It's a sports bar chain, big in the Midwest, creeping south (think there is one in Orlando). Anyway, they call their fries 'buffalo chips.' And they're good.

That's all I got.

-- JM says Stumpel and Mezei  can play tonight, and it looks like they will.

Speaking of snow: Anthony Stewart, sent back last week just to be called back on Monday, was sent back today. He travels more than I do, and I wasn't sure that was possible.

-- Saw a certain Vancouver goalie at Incredible Ice today. Louie heads to Tampa today on an afternoon flight then comes back tomorrow. Says this meeting against the Panthers is going to be different to him because "I don't have so much pent up anger" as he did last time.

Yeah, Louie seemed a little bitter that day I spoke to him in Vancouver. Today, though, it's as if the trade never happened. And after he plays at Sunrise on Friday, it'll officially be time to move on.

-- Those who have emailed me complaining that I brought Olli Jokinen into this Finnish drug story unnecessarily have to know that Olli is a small part of this story -- which, sorry to tell you, is news. Even here. And the only reason I mentioned Ville Peltonen in the story is because he and Jere Karalahti have been teammates numerous times.

The bottom line: Olli was trying to help out a friend who obviously had been lying to him. Olli is not the first person to be burned by loaning money to a friend, and he won't be the last. At least it wasn't a big sum of cash because I don't think Jere is going to be able to pay him back.

Story is here: drugs are bad, um-kay


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Nice to have a few guys back from injuries. It's time for this team to make the push and prove to the fans they are serious about making a run.

Any update on the various Olli trade rumors?

BW3s - delicious! I like the Buffalo Ranch chicken wrap. The mini corn dogs are good. The beer is icy cold. Delicious. there is one in walking distance of Casa HG. yay!

I've attended over 500 home Panther games (probably over 550 if I counted). I am a charter season ticket holder and for the first 10 years, I missed at most handful of games (due to surgery). I've been to many road games as well.

This was one of the worst, if not the worst, Panther game I've ever seen in person. The team didn't play worth a damn. A bunch of old ladies with walkers could have beaten them. It was a shameful, embarrassing effort. And this kind of half-hearted, disinterested effort happens more and more. We have -- on paper -- the talent and it repeatedly comes down to one thing: coaching. The game has changed since the lockout and Jacques Martin hasn't. It's the GM's job to fire a bad coach, but Martin won't fire himself. However, he needs to be fired even if it's with the help of our meddling, star-struck owner. Honestly, I like Mr. Martin as a GM and I have no problems with him staying in that capacity but as coach, HE MUST GO AS COACH.

After the game I and several other fans encouraged everyone to bring a "FIRE COACH MARTIN" sign to the next game Friday 1 February 2008. Please bring a sign, poster, flag, or banner to the next game that says "FIRE MARTIN AS COACH" or "MARTIN MUST GO AS COACH" and wave it proudly, shove it against the glass, hang it over the ledge, and do something to show team management that their absurd complacency is not appreciated and cannot be tolerated any longer.


Even my nearby seat-mate for the game, 5 year old Shane mocked Martin for his stupidity -- truly sad for Martin when a 4 year old learning hockey can figure out what's gone wrong on the ice and he cannot. Martin appears to be incompetent -- sad because he isn't.


Seriously, PLEASE get everyone you know to bring SIGNS to the next game. Signs, Banners, Posters, anything. We must get him removed. We cannot let our team languish near the bottom of the NHL standings for yet another year.

Amen Darsys. Here we are near the bottom again, in the 3 years Martin has been the coach there has been no improvement.

Look at the flyers, blue jackets and Capitals and see how much they have improved since we hired Martin.

An NHL scout said that the problem with the panthers are that they are "too soft" they do not play an interior game, they lose the battles in the corners and only have a handful of players willing to sacrifice for the team.

the two worse NHL franchises are the LA Kings and the Florida Panthers, we are the only teams not improving in the last 3 years.

Bring in a coach that the players respect and sit down the guys that don't work hard.

BTW, if you wish to discuss this with fellow fans we have a lively topic going (under the Sabres game) at www.panthershockey.net/bbs (we're totally independent of the panthers and are not content censored).

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