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Called Up

Anthony Stewart and Tanner Glass both called up today...


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Why Stewart?!? It's his 7th call-up this season and he has 1 assist but plenty of loafing. I don't get Martin's move here. At least Glass can drop the gloves and be an enforcer/grinder.

From what we have been hearing from everyone nobody down on the farm is playing good!!!!!

So maybe Stewart has the best attitude when sitting on the bench for 95% of the game!

Leave Stewart in the minors, bring back Sprukts, Matthias, Larman..even Meyer. All these guys play hard when they are with the big boys. Stewart has become very much a disappointment. I think we can give Potvin skates and a stick and he would produce much better then Stewart!

Stewart recall was a big mistake! Matthias is definately the right person to be called-up. Jokinen actually found someone to play with on a line,someone who WINS faceoffs,and CRASHES the net,and Scores on PP. JMartin needs to step down as head coach,he's horrible.

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