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In the Pitts

PittQUEENS, N.Y. -- Yeah, go ahead and say it. I'm the King of Queens, at least for another hour or so.

Killing some time here at LaGuardia, where the security lines were short and the Dunkin Donuts coffee was good and appreciated.

On our way to Pittsburgh, which is not, as some of you have surmised, in Ohio. It is close though. Pittsburgh is known for a few things, most noteable Pops Stargell, the Steelers, a very overrated sandwich featuring french fries and slaw, and Mr. Rogers. It's also home of the famed Three Rivers: The Monongahela, the Rio Grande and, of course, the Mississippi.

-- Got some news for ya this fine Friday afternoon. Looks like Anthony Stewart is going to get a chance with the Panthers for at least a little while. The team sent Tanner Glass back to Rochester. The Roch folks will be very happy; Tanner was a popular guy there.

-- Talk on the island is that Ricky D gets an automatic two game suspension for wearing those big white pads last night. I don't think it's as cut and dry. Word is a New York equipment manager got clearance from someone in the NHL. That may save RDP from getting benched. He may still have to pay a fine though. We'll see.

Leonardpitts -- This, obviously, is my favorite Pitts: