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Kentucky Fried Computer

Office_space Greetings from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, home of your Florida Panthers brought to you by the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek.

Why am I dropping the names of so many sponsors? Because I'm working on a laptop that's property of the Florida Panthers (special thanks to Sziro Jewlery, University Drive - Coral Springs) after my laptop fell victim to a crappy charger that fried the motherboard.

So don't expect me to write anything bad about the Panthers tonight -- unless they really deserve it.

-- As expected, Jozef Stumpel out of the lineup again tonight. We'll see you after the break Stumpy...

-- You too Branislav Mezei...

-- Can I get an Italian Combo? Thanks Panera Bread!

-- Weiss, Booth, Mr. Assist your starters tonight...

-- A special thanks to Justin Copertino and Brian Goldman of the Panthers' PR team for hooking me up with a nice computer to work on tonight. Like driving a new car, this laptop. Maybe they'll take my old one in trade...

-- Did I mention the Panthers are on the Termidor Penalty Kill?

-- And it's Gregory Campbell with his second shorthanded goal of the season. FLA's last three shorthanded goals have come off Soup's stick.

-- Did you know Barry Manilow's coming to town? One of the greatest entertainers around...


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