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Kentucky Fried Computer

Office_space Greetings from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, home of your Florida Panthers brought to you by the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek.

Why am I dropping the names of so many sponsors? Because I'm working on a laptop that's property of the Florida Panthers (special thanks to Sziro Jewlery, University Drive - Coral Springs) after my laptop fell victim to a crappy charger that fried the motherboard.

So don't expect me to write anything bad about the Panthers tonight -- unless they really deserve it.

-- As expected, Jozef Stumpel out of the lineup again tonight. We'll see you after the break Stumpy...

-- You too Branislav Mezei...

-- Can I get an Italian Combo? Thanks Panera Bread!

-- Weiss, Booth, Mr. Assist your starters tonight...

-- A special thanks to Justin Copertino and Brian Goldman of the Panthers' PR team for hooking me up with a nice computer to work on tonight. Like driving a new car, this laptop. Maybe they'll take my old one in trade...

-- Did I mention the Panthers are on the Termidor Penalty Kill?

-- And it's Gregory Campbell with his second shorthanded goal of the season. FLA's last three shorthanded goals have come off Soup's stick.

-- Did you know Barry Manilow's coming to town? One of the greatest entertainers around...


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what - no sponsors for the injured? surely they are just as deserving of sponsorship. ;-)

Can you please tell me why Jacqus refuses to play Mathias? He is just searching for an excuse to send him down after tonights game. Did he do something in his first shift that they didn't tell me about over the radio? Let the kid play!

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