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Lazy Wednesday

HoundNot a whole lot going on around the Panthers today, spoke to some players about their All-Star weekend plans, doing something on Bo for tomorrow, yada yada.

No news on the injured front. Jozef Stumpel looked good in practice, but he won't be back until next week. Ville Peltonen didn't practice today, so he won't be back until next week either.

Branislav Mezei looks ready to go, but we'll see.

-- FSNF doing a special 'Inside the Panthers' on Denis Potvin. Talks a lot about his days with the Islanders. I didn't even know he played! I just thought he was a TV guy. Huh. You learn something every day. Anywho, Denis' episode premiers tomorrow at 6:30 just before the pregame show for the Panthers/Houston Oilers game.

If you miss the first showing, it'll be on throughout the month.

-- The Panthers raised $50,000 for charity in their golf tournament on Monday. Pretty good work...