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Never in Doubt

ZippyNEWARK -- Sitting here in my hotel with a view of Jersey that can only be explained as "a typical view of Jersey,'' got word that America's Favorite Kangaroo not named Captain won a major award.

As far as I know, it's not a lamp shaped as a leg.

Yes, Zippy, the bouncy mascot of your University of Akron, won the Capital One Mascot of the Year award. And in case you missed it, Capital One sponsored the Capital One bowl.

If you watched the game, there is no way you missed this, not with the credit card logo plastered everywhere -- including four different places on the game field. Orlando sellouts.

Goldie Anyway,  Zippy trounced Florida's own Goldie, whom the credit card folks seem to think is 'Golden,' a gopher and from Minnesota. Idiots.

Other mascots who didn't keep up with Zippy: Syracuse's Otto (again, another loss for Goldie), VT's HokieBird and one of my faves, Cocky. He's from the other USC (which is also known as the other Carolina).

What, no Goldie the FIU Panther? Actually, I don't even know if FIU has a mascot. Assuming they do, but you never know.

-- Nothing new to report out of practice today, other than JM saying Mezei was benched basically because he's a better player than he's been showing of late. Talked to Mez after Sunday's game, he was ticked but admitted as much. We'll see what comes of this.

-- Saturday's game in Pittsburgh is being moved up to 3 p.m. because of some football game. Seems the local pro team -- we'll call them the 'Steelers' -- needs to play without any competition later that night. Sweet deal for them. Actually makes for a pretty cool Steel City doubleheader, especially for this guy. LIVE BLOG from Heinz.

-- And finally, JM says expect to see Craig Anderson play Thursday against the Islanders, unless he splits his head open wrestling with Tomas Vokoun in the lobby of the team hotel.

Belfour2 Tip to Tomas: Don't tell the local media you were watching baseball at 3 a.m. Not only are most games over by that point (unless your watching in, I don't know, Sweden) but baseball season ended a few months ago. Maybe there will be a late hockey game on.

-- Anyone check out the outdoor game in Buffalo? Definitely entertaining. And you just knew Sid the Kid was going to play a key role, didn't you?