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Olli's Out

Nurse The flu bug that has hit the Carolina and Buffalo dressing rooms seems to have moved south.

Olli Jokinen is out of tonight's game, but according to Panthers authorities, it's nothing serious. Just flu-like symptoms.

Which suck.

-- So, which is the team that played last night and which is the one that has had a week off?


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typical panthers under Martin, then the comments by the players makes it seam as if they think they gave some type of effort.


Looks like another year of no playoffs

We need a new coach and a new attitude

I completely agree,I love how Denis Potvin commented on Stephen Weiss really playing hard because Ollileft after the 1st period, shouldn't weiss be playing with that energy every night? The team looks like they just don't care anymore. I love how martin sent matthias down to the minors when he has 2 worthless minor league calibur players in the lineup(Tanner Glass and Kamil Kreps). Martin I believe should be fired, he's been with this organization long enough to make progress with this team and what has he done? He sends a hockey team that at this point doesn't belong in the NHL on the ice just to give yet another lazy performance.I've been a fan since day 1 and am sick and tired of Jacques Martin not being able to motivate a team. The day he gets fired I am throwing a party and every die hard panther fan is invited.

i wouldnt call Matthias NHL Caliber after 3 games. Kreps and Glass have bot filled in admirably this season. Matthias averaged over 20 min/game while playing with Jokinen. Kreps get around 10 a game, and Glass gets about 4 minutes. Tough to compare.

dumbass hey only got 2 goals in a game

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