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Rolling Down the Tracks

7mile_2 NEWARK -- Making my way back to you babe, and by 'you,' I mean Washington D.C.

And I'm doing so in old-school fashion. I'm taking the choo-choo, the chugga-chug.

Yep, Newark to Washington D.C. by train on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Nothing could be finer. Except being home. But whatever.

Looking for some ideas on things to kill the time. It's like a three hour ride to Capital City, and I'm riding with Brian X so I think the Ipod is out. That would be rude. But, after a while, it could be an option.

As always, feel free to leave your comments below. The obvious idea is to offer a special Amtrak edition of the LIVE BLOG. I could look out the window and commentate on the things I see. If the wireless internet is working, that might just be the ticket.

Planestrains -- And remember, you can't catch the train out of Wichita. Not unless you a hog, or cattle. No, the people train runs out of Stubbville...

-- FYI: Panthers have scored two straight goals here in Copland, lead the Devils by a 2-1 score.

-- The 'In the Air Tonight' remake by Nonpoint is being played over the PA system. Only places I've heard that song: The end of the Miami Vice movie and at Panthers games. Nowhere else. It's a decent version I guess, but why mess with a good thing?


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Great Great win tonight and it make me love booth more and i think matthias played a good game for his first game and it also shows i think we def have one of the best backup goalies in the league to play the way he did he deserved that cape and i hope tommorow night we do that same thing and get a win go cats!!!!

Perhaps now JM will trust Anderson in the stretch and NEVER play TV back to back nights....maybe even better he'll go upstairs and trust Niewnedyke...

George, I know it's off topic, but in the next blog can you add some info on all the BS Olli Jokinen rumors flying around?

Thanks man,

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