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Saturday in Pittsburgh, Part II

HeinzPITTSBURGH -- Greetings from Heinz Field, where I just caused a scene by asking for Hunts ketchup for my hot dog.

Just kidding about that, since everyone knows you don't put ketchup on a hot dog. If you did here, though, you ain't using Hunts.

Was in the Panthers locker room about 90 minutes ago, and the attitude was like one might expect. Some players didn't say anything, with Jozef Stumpel and Richard Zednik noticeably silent as they stared into space. Just as well.

Tomas Vokoun ripped the effort as we expected he would, saying losing "feels like crap" and adding he doesn't know what to say about the early sleepwalk anymore. JM said a bunch of guys didn't come to play, and he wasn't happy. At all.

And that's enough about hockey for now.

Why? It's football time!

Got a few minutes here before we get going, with 10:50 left in the Seattle/Skins game. Looking good for the Skins right now, and I'm happy for them. I've been rooting for them ever since Sean was killed. They've handled this tragedy with class and integrity. You can tell they're hurting, so it's good to see them enjoy some wins. Long way to go before they beat the Hawks though.

-- Back to hockey: Thanks to Sidney Crosby for sticking around after the game until the South Florida 3 could finish our work in the Florida locker room. Sid was gracious with his time and was the last player left. The kid's a class act, and I know the three of us appreciate it.

-- Ran into a guy wearing a Dolphins jacket with a Jags cap down on the concourse. It takes all kinds. Also saw someone wearing a Panthers jersey, obviously deciding to pull the double dip as well. At least I have fresh hot chocolate up here.

-- Will be back around kickoff...

-- Sorry about the jinx, Redskins. Now I think I'd like to see the Seahawks...


-- Sorry about the delay there, had to write my gamer on the hockey game. But that's done (got some great stuff from Vokoun to share) and now it's football time. And I mean that sincerely.

-- PITT just drove down the field in impressive fashion. It looked like they were going 3-and-out, but Rothlisberger connects with Hines Ward for a big gain on third down. Stillers march down field, our old friend Najeh Davenport banging in from the 1. So, with 10:03 left in the first, its the homestanding Steelers leading the Jacksonville, Ga., Jaguars 7-0.

-- Funny how a 96 yard kickoff return can get a team back into a game...One play after the big KOR, Fred Taylor in from the 1...so we wait for the PAT, but consider this a tie game...Plenty of time left eh...

-- Some quick hits from Tomas Vokoun:

“We took 25 shots from the wing today, basically no chance of scoring, I don't care who we play. We did get some chances a little bit in the second and third period.’’

“This is certainly not the way you're going to win the game, not against a team like that. We gave up so many odd-man rushes, 2-on-1s, it's impossible to win hockey games that way. Time after time, we talk about it, everybody says the right things but nothing's going on.

“We have 22 great guys in this room, but great or not you still have to do your job and if you don't do it they have to find somebody else who will do it.’’

“When you play like crap, you feel like crap. You can say all you want, but this is not winning hockey.’’

“Every night there are some guys not pulling their weight.’’

“We give freebies. And it's so hard to score as it is for us. If you give freebies, then how do you expect to win?''


-- Steelers move to midfield, gots to punt. Going to see the Jax offense for more than one play here I do surmise...

-- Bunch of fans, many of whom are wearing Steelers jerseys, hanging in the press box tonight. Good thing they announced this was a working press box, no cheering allowed....

-- I just cheered. They refilled the hot chocolate machine. I am now being shunned by the Steeler fans who didn't think that was very professional.

-- I don't care.

-- Some stats for you: Najeh Davenport, he of Central HS and UM, has 20 yards on six carries. And a TD.

-- Since I'm at Heinz Field, I got to thinking about mustard. Don't have any problem with Heinz's yellow stuff, but I am partial to the cheap stuff you get in the barrel bottle. Plotchmans or something. Like 75 cents at Publix, lasts forever. Also love the Cleveland brown mustard. Stadium or Ballpark Mustard, you can't go wrong.


-- Hines Ward with the big catch...nice job...and, of course, Madden goes nuts on the Immaculate Reception...

-- Bad pass Mr. Miami of Ohio...

-- Looks like the Jaguars are going to run with this one all the way back to Georgia....but you never know. Stranger things have happened, although these Steelers don't look all that good right now.


-- How bout that? Steelers get an early interception, move the ball a bit and get a quickie field goal. It's now 21-10...

-- Whoa...now we've got some life here at Heinz...Steelers have cut deficit to 28-17, and force Jags into three-and-out...some real energy in this joint right now...it's hopping...

-- Well, that's that. The Jags get a desperation fourth down scramble that leads to a field goal that ends a great Pittsburgh comeback.

Been fun blogercizing today, hope I don't have to pull a workday like this for a while. Nah, just kidding. It was a good time.

Be good everyone, see you sometime soon.

Maybe even tomorrow....