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TomasallstarATLANTA -- Just got done talking with Panthers goalie Tomas Vokoun after his stint in the SuperSkills/YoungStars Game here at Alyssa Milano Arena in downtown Atlanta.

Here are Tomas' thoughts on what transpired tonight.

"It's, you know, the skill competition,'' he said laughing. "It was fun. You stand around for a while, but it was fun for the fans. I think the best was the end, where guys came up with all the different moves. That got a pretty good ovation.''

G: I think they should put celebrities on goal for the breakaway challenge.

TVo: "It should be without goalies. You don't want to pokecheck, don't want to do anything while the guys are out there doing wild stuff. Going backward and stuff. You pokecheck him there in the skate and he falls and cracks his skull. It just shows you how much skill those guys have, what they can do on the ice with a really thin stick. It's pretty amazing.''

Steve X: Would you like to see the goalies get a chance to shoot?

TVo: "I think we picked the right two guys. I'm the worst out of them. They picked the right one.''

G: What if Stumpel is in net (Vokoun and Stumpel switched places after practice a few weeks back)?

TVo: "If he has a player's stick and it's all one-timers, maybe. It was good. You do it and try and stay warm so you don't get hurt.''

Steve X: Tough facing all those rushes in the YoungStars Game no?

TVo: "It's tough because you sit around for a while and everything is uncontrollable, there's no defense. You just have to be careful when they come back and forth. You don't want to get injured. I was just trying to stay warm and enjoy it. It's not a big deal, like I said this morning. It's not about goals and who wins. It's about having fun. That's how you have to approach it.''

G: Most fun you had tonight?

TVo: "Just talking to guys, watching them do their stuff. Being part of it is the fun thing. It's a chance to see a lot of guys I play with or know and be able to talk to them.''

G: Strange being in this [Atlanta's] locker room? I'm sure it would be a lot stranger if it was Olli (since he's been in the visitor's room here about 1,436 times)...

TVo: "I don't look at it that way. We're all, guys play hard. You don't hold grudges against this guy or that guy. You play hard in the games you play, that's war. But afterward, you respect the guys who do their job. Sometimes you hate the guy who does well because it makes it tougher on you.

"You might say I could be home, sitting by the pool [this weekend], but 10 years from now I'll look back at this weekend and say 'I was at the All-Star Game and I did this or that.' That's pretty cool I think.''

G: You missed Alyssa Milano this morning. You left the interview room then she came in.

TVo: Oh really. She was? That's rough.