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Taking a Day Off

FerrisWell, I'm back off of my deathbed and feel much better than I did yesterday, but that ain't saying much. I could barely function yesterday, although today seems much, much brighter.

Have Sarah filling in for me today in Pantherland, and I am very appreciative.

It's nice to just be able to chill, veg, chillax, whatever. A nice, lazy Saturday for me here in Sunrise.

Am currently watching UM hoops, football next, then onto hockey. May come back here for a blog during the game, although I'm contemplating shutting 'er down for the night. We'll see.

Soup -- Seriously though: How good is chicken noodle soup?

-- Also, shameless plug for the new diet Gatorade. Called G2. It's really good, at least the orange flavor is. Bought an assortment at Publix today. They were like 50 cents a bottle with the coupon. Couldn't pass up that dealeo.

-- Some hockey news for you thanks to Sarah: Jozef Stumpel out the next seven to 10 days with the injured shoulder suffered Thursday night in Atlanta. Tanner Glass gets the callup.

-- It may be great to be able to sit here and watch the Canes basketball game, it sure is hard listening to these guys on the call. Have no idea who these commentators are, but they aren't good. Seem to be mailing it in. Every time someone hits a 3-pointer, the PxP guy shouts: BANG! The commentator then follows with "watch out!" Every single time.

Annoying and funny at the same time. Like counting the times Brent Mushberger says "folks" during a broadcast, or how Sunday guy on ESPN Radio (I think it's Freddie Coleman but not sure) has to say "football" four, five times a sentence.

Example: "That was a really good football game, mainly because those football players know how to play the game of football. They came to play the football game. And that's how you win football games in the National Football League.  If I'm their football coach, I congratulate them on playing such a great football game. But then you move on. You have to. You can't sit back and reflect on past football games if you want to win football games in the National Football League.''

Of course, I'm exaggerating. But really, I'm not.