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Welcome Back

KotterKicking off Canada Week here at the Big Bank in north Weston.

Would like to welcome back the vast sections of empty seats to the old arena, they've been missed of late. OK, not really.

Cory Murphy is back in the game, playing for the first time since Nov. 13. That's a 30-game span. Florida's games missed to injury number now up to 214.

-- Anthony Stewart the healthy scratch tonight.

Louie -- Panthers giving away 20 big-screen TVs during the megatilt between the Panthers and the Vancouver Fighting Luongos. Billing it as a matchup between All-Star goalies, the one the franchise traded away versus his replacement.

Of course, Luongo may not play on Feb. 1, not after playing the night before in Tampa.

I know. He's going to play.

Vokoun_2 -- Speaking of bad trades, you have to say the Luongo deal from 2006 looks a bit better considering the Panthers were able to turn Todd Bertuzzi into a draft pick (that helped get Vokoun) and Shawn Matthias. Not saying it was a good deal, but it sure doesn't look as lopsided as it did this time last year.


Alyssa2 -- Didn't know if you heard, but Alyssa Milano is going to be in Atlanta for the All-Star Game. Still working the story for you, the loyal reader.

-- Some numbers for you. Panthers up 1-0 after one against the Senators. By my math, this is only the third time this month Florida has taken the initative and led 1-0. Also, FLA is 10-3-1 this season when leading after the first period, and 14-5-2 when scoring first.

And, according to Matt Sacco, Panthers haven't led going into the second since Dec. 27 at Atlanta.

So there you go.

Alyssa3 -- Did you hear about Alyssa Milano?

-- Word is Sid the Kid could be out eight weeks with his busted up ankle. Bad news for the Panthers (the beancounters, not the players). If he's out the full eight, he'll miss Pitt's final game of the season in west Plantation on  March 6 (I bet he's back by then).

It does look like Sidney will miss the next meeting with the FlaCats, Feb. 19 in Pittsnogle.

Barrymanilow -- Love that banner ad for Barry Manilow down in the corners. Nothing says hockey more than Barry Manilow's surgically-altered smiling face. They need to lose that pretty quickly.

-- Save that Puck! Tanner Glass with his first NHL goal, set up beautifully by Nate Horton. I'm betting the Manilow image down behind Ray Emery was an inspiration.

I know it is for me.

-- Tanner Glass throws with Chris Neil after the former Motley Crue singer scores to tie the score. Neil wins the fight too, but good for Glass for getting something going.

-- Panthers on power play, QB Murph the Surf throwing some tight spirals...

-- Here are some numbers to crunch: Games lost due to injury -- Ottawa 77, Panthers 214. Dany Heatley the only active player on the IR for the Sens. He missed his sixth straight game Tuesday.



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wWho got the Hero's cape tonight? I'm anxious to know who the team though deserved it the most...


So, would you seriously trade Luongo, Kraijek (sp) & a draft pick for Allan, Auld & Matthias? BTW, did you notice Auld's performance last night- 3 saves & 4 goals. Nice to see that he's gotten his game together with Boston.

Getting Matthias for Bertuzzi turns the Luongo trade from an F- to an F.

actually, i think what George was getting at is that the Panthers also got a second round draft pick with Matthias for Bertuzzi, which they flipped with another pick to Nashville for Vokoun.

so the deal actually looks like this:

first round pick



still not a "good" trade per se - but i could become one depending on Matthias' development. Martin did a good job of turning chicken sh!t into chicken salad.

Good point. However, you then have to take the 1st & 2nd round picks that we gave up to get Vokoun & put them on the other side of the ledger, which then means that the trade is:

Luongo, Krajick, 2 first round picks & a second round pick for Vokoun, Matthias & Allen.

Considering where the Panthers position may be in the draft, the trade actually looks worse. That's what happens when you try to fill a hole (more like a crater) caused by the original trade.

I had already included the first we gave along for Vokoun in my initial post. we didn't deal a first to vancouver - i think it was a 6th or a 7th (essentially a worthless, trade wise, pick)

and the panthers likely will not pick in the top-5 - they're struggling but they will get healthy here in the next few weeks. it may not be enough to get into the playoffs (well see) but i also don't think they'll stay at the very bottom of the conference, either.

luongo, krajicek, a first and a second (or gratton, since we got the 2nd for him) for vokoun, allen and matthias does not look that bad anyway you slice it.

luongo is better than vokoun, but it is not a drastic improvement. you're talking about imrpoving from a porsche to a lambourghini. either way you're going to be just fine.

allen is a better defensman than krajicek and the pick(s) wash out with matthias. i'd be willing to bet most teams would select shawn matthias with their first round pick this draft if they had the chance...unless if youre picking stamkos or maybe doughty...

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