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A Frozen Tundra (OK, an Impala)

FrozenimpalaBUFFALO -- That's my rental car from earlier today, a fire engine red Chevy Impala SS.

Shame it doesn't have tire chains on it.

US Air all but left me stranded in Syracuse, N.Y. today, diverting our flight for "fuel" before quickly canceling it. Meanwhile, flights were leaving and landing in Buffalo, the place I paid a lot of money to fly to. Anyway, US Air promised a bus ride to Buffalo, but I don't believe anything they say, something that has served me well over the years.

Except maybe this time. I rented a car, figured it would be an easy ride across I-90. Not so much. As soon as I pulled out of the airport an all-out blizzard hit. Before today, I thought white out conditions had something to do with people wearing white T-shirts to Heat playoff games.

Wings Finally made it to Buffalo, have yet to try some wings, but thanks to a 6 p.m. kickoff, when we get out of here the night will still be young.

-- Speaking of balmy weather, it's currently 2 degrees FAHRENHEIT in Buffalo right now. You get that? Two degrees. Don't even get me going on the 40 mph winds. Wind chill right now: Minus-15.

-- Who is this guy wearing the No. 2 Florida sweater and what did he do with Branislav Mezei? Three points in two nights? He is off the charts.

-- By the way, this Impala is tight. Unless you care about stuff like gas mileage. Which, on this trip, I don't. Just so you know, this is the wrong time to be talking to this guy about global warming.

-- Panthers taking tomorrow off (unless US Air diverts their plane to Batavia) and return to Incredible Ice on Tuesday.