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Red Carpet Debut

JolieTAMPA -- David Brine gets the call to replace Jozef Stumpel, and it's the NHL debut for the 23-year-old who has jumped some real obstacles to get to this point.

Good for him. Hope all the folks in Nova Scotia are tuned in (yes, I know Nova Scotia is quite large).

-- Brine is sporting No. 45, only the third player to do so in Florida's illustrious history. The others? Take a guess.

-- Good news for Panthers is David Booth is good to go. And that's bad news for Stefan Meyer, who joins Magnum Johansson in the press box as a healthy scratch.

-- Stumpel has a slight separation of his shoulder, JM says. We'll know more Monday.

-- Tomas Vokoun in net tonight to no one's surprise.

-- If you guessed Rhett Warrener and Brad Ference are the only other Panthers to wear No. 45, you're right! Give yourself something special as a reward.


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Why why why why is JM playing Mezei instead of Johansson? Watching Mezei play is like watching Frankenstein's monster on skates. Let's just hope J-Bo is a little more on top of things tonight in Tampa. If he is, Booth is really not hurt and they play with the energy they did last night, then they should do well.

JM still needs to hire a real coach, though.

You mean Stewart did not get the call? Why not? He is trying to set a record!!!!! Most call ups in a season!!!!

I remember some years ago that a team could only call up players a certain number of times.....is it still like that?

Yes, Rhett and Brad both went on to decent NHL Careers after they left here!!!! Especially Rhett!!!!!

Why is that most Panther players that continue their careers after leaving here succeed?

Any update on Dvorak? None of the summaries I've read even mention he left with an injury in the third - holding his wrist after blocking a shot.

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