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Mr. Boh knows Hockey

MrbohThat picture to the left is a cartoon character named Mr. Boh. He is the former mascot of a beer called National Bohemian. It was brewed in Baltimore and supposedly nasty.

But, back in the good old pre-The Wire days of Baltimore, folks took pride in their cheap suds. Mr. Boh and his friends adorned ads throughout the city, and was a big corporate sponsor of the Colts, Orioles, Bullets and everyone else.

Neonboh Now, he's just the unofficial mascot of the city. A neon Mr. Boh sits atop a building on the outskirts of downtown, kind of looking down on the city. A Moon over Charm City, if you will.

Why am I bringing this up? Just felt like it. And I had a Mr. Boh image on my computer just sitting around doing nothing.

Kind of like me right now. Seriously, five paragraphs and counting on this nonsense? Impressive.

-- Fans of Jay Bouwmeester might want to start wearing their own Boh gear. Get it here at Mr. Boh is Cool to Me

If you do start wearing Boh apparel to support your favorite Florida defenseman, people are going to ask you the Mr. Boh story. Feel free to point them here.

-- Believe it or not, Baltimore is one of my favorite towns. Always have a good time.

-- New fan poll at TSN.com/nhl asking which team is going to win the Southeast Division. Last I saw, Capitals were running away with it, getting 69 percent of the vote. Guess who's running last? Well, it ain't Mr. Boh, that's for sure. Florida has just 3 percent. Not a lot of faith the Everglades Cats, eh?

-- Good to see Zach Thomas back at the Dolphins facility today, might be last time he's there for a while. But he'll be back soon enough. The team eventually is going to sign him to a one-day contract, let him retire a Dolphin. And they'll do it in Davie.


-- Watching warmups here at the Big Bank in Sunrise; Tomas Vokoun is on the ice, starts tonight.

-- Bad news for hockey fans: Mick McGeough officiating again tonight. Get ready for plenty of phantom calls for both teams.

-- Was at Target today, broke down and bought the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Why? Because as I looked at the CD, I realized I didn't have one of the greatest albums of all-time in my collection. And this one offered a bunch of extras, which I rarely turn down.

And it was on sale for $9.99. Beat that, Wal-Mart.

-- Also, Target has the best tangerines in the area. Trust me, I've tried them all.

-- Speaking of 80s music, guess what was blaring in the locker room today? You'll never guess, so I'll give it to ya. Africa, by Toto. Well, it was the Jay Z. vs. Toto mash, but it was still Toto.

And it was still kickin!

-- The fourth line starts tonight. The lineup: David Brine, Tanner Glass and Steve Montador.

-- Good to have Olesz back, no?