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Clean the Glass AKA Scrub the Ground

Remember the scene in 'My Cousin Vinny' when Joe Pesci is grilling the guy on the stand about his 'eye witness' testimony?

The gist if it was, there is no way the guy could positively ID the guys who robbed the Sack-n-Suds because of all the stuff in front of his view.

"What is that brown stuff on your window?" Vinny Gambini asks. "Dirt,'' is the reply.

Well, I'm currently in section 133 watching Cancuks practice. Great seats, the so-called money seats. And it is absolutely disgusting down here.

There is slime on the armrests, schmutz on the chairbacks, and how anyone can watch a game through the crud on the glass is beyond me (can you see the streaks of mung on the above photo? Sorry about the quality, the cellphone camera only does so much.)

There are panes of glass that look like they haven't been cleaned since this place was named after a rental car company that I really enjoy using.

Seriously, it looks like someone puked on the glass. Five years ago. How hard is it to get a cleaning crew to take care of the little things in this arena? I travel to many an arena and see people cleaning the glass, painting, pressure cleaning, heck, even sweeping. Every single time.

Not here though. It's just a shame how this beautiful arena has been run into the ground. Not only has the ambiance been killed by the uncountable ads placed everywhere but the rafters, but if I was ADT, I'd be upset that they don't even clean the ads plastered on the steps.

It's a real shame what this arena has become. It looks a lot more dated than its 10 years.

-- PS: Someone might want to take a pressure cleaner to the arena's roof. Rumor has it, it's supposed to be white, not mildew gray.

-- Speaking of crud, the Dolphins announced they aren't raising season ticket prices. Of course, there is a catch. You have to renew by May to keep prices locked in. What a bargain. At least they've got eight home games this year.

-- Olli practiced today, back in the lineup tonight. Here comes Game No. 347 for Olli.

-- Wondering how many season ticket holders plan to attend this 'State of the Panthers' meeting tonight at 5:30? Randy Sexton and Michael Yormark are running things, JM taking the night off to concentrate on hockey. I have some stuff from JM about the state of the franchise and will post later.

-- Those who do attend, could someone ask Yormark about the dirty condition of the arena for me? I've been to the outdoor circus and it's cleaner than that arena. Thanks.