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Getting Back to Normal

Marty_1 Just another regular day at the Big Bank in Sunrise this morning for the Panthers' pregame skate, except for the rare appearences of television cameras and local television sports' hosts hanging around.

No, it was good to see so many people out and about today. Did something out of the ordinary happen?

Actually, once we got the Richard Zednik questions out of the way, the TV guys actually wanted to talk hockey, and the Panthers were more than fine with that. This team wants desperately to move on from the events of Sunday, and playing tonight against the tri-colors of Montreal will help them along.

Of course, the team the Panthers field may look more like the AHL Rochester Americans, but whatever.

-- No new update on Richard. JM says he's going to try and call him today. JM added that trainer Dave Zenobi has spoken with him, and his spirits are up. JM added that Richard's wife and her sisters are with him in Buffalo, and all I could think about was Marge Simpson and her sisters Patty and Selma. Don't know why, either.

I'm sure Richard is ready to get out of dodge, but he does need his rest. Sure he'll be happy to see South Florida again.

-- Stephen Weiss missed practice for the second straight day, but JM will not rule him out for tonight. That's how hurt the Panthers are. Usually, if a guy misses two days -- including the skate -- he's out. Not in this case. If Stephen feels up to playing, he's in. The loss of Richard has already altered the first line, don't need the new scoring line messed with in any way.

Just in case, Stefan Meyer is on his way down. Or up. Whatever.

- Spoke to Rob Globke this morning. Says he's real happy to be getting a second chance with the Panthers, although he hates at how it came about. Says he was in a slump all season, perhaps due to his disappointment with being sent back four games into the NHL season combined with the poor play of the Americans. But he notes he's been playing better and hopes to make the most of this chance. Hope so. I like Rob, he's a good dude. Let's see what happens.

-- Don't forget to sign the banner for Richard today at the stage area right inside the arena's main entrance. The custom jersey signing I mentioned the other day will be held Friday. More info on that coming tomorrow or Friday. There's time.