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Injuries Mount


Booth It appears Jozef Stumpel and David Booth are hurting something fierce.

In the wee hours of the night, the Panthers have called up Stefan Meyer and David Brine for  Saturday's game against the Bolts.

Stumpel may have re-injured his shoulder, he went hard into the boards in the third and was noticeably hurt. Stumpel gets a lot of grief from people, but he played real hard Friday night, was getting real physical with what has to be a very sore shoulder. Don't know the extent of his injury, but will update once I talk to JM up in Tampa.

Booth came back from his sprawl out when he took the net out and crashed into the boards (why that wasn't a penalty, I still don't know). But Booth didn't go in overtime, and I didn't see him in the postgame workout.

I am only assuming it is these two that are hurt. I have gotten nothing official from the Panthers. Again, will update when I know more, probably around 6 p.m. Tampa time. Which is different from Tulsa time, but pretty close to Miami time.

Brine -- If David Brine plays, he would make his NHL debut. Little info on David: Brine is a 23-year-old center from Nova Scotia (home of Sidney Crosby) and he has spent this entire season with the Rochester Americans, scoring seven goals with eight assists. He split time with the Estero Everblades and the Amerks last season. He went undrafted, and if I recall, the Panthers gave him a tryout at one of their rookie camps and liked what they saw so they offered him a contract.

-- All I know is the Panthers don't need to be without Booth for an extended period of time (and they may not be. He could be good to go by tonight.) Booth has given the Panthers tons of energy and that Weiss-Horton-Booth line is really getting some good looks.

Pantherparty -- That game was fun last night, eh? Good seeing the emotion come out of these guys for most of the game anyway. Good to see that kind of energy come out of Olli, too. He was fired up. Need to see more of that out of these guys.

-- Some asked me why I posted last week's Alyssa Milano All-Star pic on this original post earlier this morning. Here's a little clue into how this blog thing works for me. I can blog on my cellphone, but to post pics on a cellphone post, I have to use whatever photos are on the phone at the time. And everyone knows how I like putting photos up.

Milano1 So when you see some random pic, perhaps a shot of my niece Annie or me and my friends tailgating, you know I filed from the cellphone. You'll probably just get the Milano pics again. No one complains about those.

Now I'm on my laptop, so I can customize the pics again.

-- Also, an update on my "Clean the Glass" post. Was told last night that work crews clean the Plexiglas before every game. I don't know how the glass got so funky so quickly then. I didn't go downstairs last night, so I don't know. I do know that the floors haven't been pressure cleaned or - gasp! -- painted in a decade. It's gross down there.

Manilooney -- And kudos to whomever decided to bring down the leering Barry Manilow face off the boards. I hope the players complained. It was creepy looking. And why was Barry Manilow's stretched out mug on the boards at a hockey arena in the first place?

I still think the Mani-leer was one of the reasons Tomas Vokoun misplayed that puck against Edmonton. He was freaked out, trying to play the puck with that staring back at him. I don't blame Tomas for that. Not one bit. I would have been creeped out too.

-- OK, that's enough for one morning. Off to Tampa. Hope to see some alligators along the way.