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Killing Some Time

SimpsonspizzaOTTAWA -- Usually after practice, players bum rush to the buses or hit the streets looking for a cab. The quicker you get out of the arena, the thought being, the quicker you can get to doing something fun.

No one was rushing out of Kanata's Scotiabank Place Wednesday afternoon. No, the Panthers were content to hang out eating pizza delivered to them courtesy of Andy O'Brien and Mike Dixon.

This is noteworthy for perhaps two things. One, the team appears to be reveling in their newfound success and are enjoying each other's company. Which is never a bad thing. But it's probably closer to the fact there is so little to do out here, the guys figure they might as well get their eat on at the arena instead of being cooped up in their hotel rooms. If these guys don't have their focus on hockey here, they never will.

Me, I decided to ditch the suburbs and head to downtown Ottawa. Already have been roaming the streets, hit a local market for some oranges and a Diet Dr. Pepper before hitting Tim Horton's for a load of coffee to take home.

At least I'm having fun.

-- Yes, I consider that having fun. So sue me.

-- Good pal Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun tells me Daniel Alfredsson is out tomorrow, but -- bad news Panther fans -- Dany Heatley will play.

-- I am so glad I don't have to deal with all the national signing day stuff today, although I've been checking our stuff out on MiamiHerald.com all day. Good job guys. Been kicking it old school today Alex, Andre, Manny, Joe and Bobby....

-- If you never take my advice on anything else, heed this warning: Stay away from any of the Diet Dr. Peppers offering some kind of cherry flavoring. Awful, plain and simple. Regular Diet Dr. Pepper, very good. Diet Dr. Pepper with the acidy cherry flavoring, wastewater.

-- More good news: The Duke-UNC basketball game will indeed be shown up here in Canada. I was worried. The Score network is picking up the ESPN2 feed. Got some hockey, some college hoops going on. Should be an action packed evening.