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Leap Ahead

ManilowBarry Manilow may have come and went, but his famous, once-on-the-ice mug shot lives on.

In the press box at The Bank.

The Manilow pic may have spooked Tomas Vokoun back during that Edmonton disaster -- original post RIGHT HERE EH  -- but I think it looks just fine sitting up in the rafters.

Sure, Barry's ticked he doesn't get his own banner like his pal, contemporary and confidant Celine Dion, but I can't do everything around here.

-- D Bryan Allen out of the lineup again tonight, his sprained knee not feeling much better. Says he's going to see a team doc before the game, will let us know tonight if he's making the trip to Nueva York.

-- C Stephen Weiss says he's Big Apple bound, doesn't know when he's going to play. Locker room is so crowded these days, Weiss and Noah Welch have nothing more than a folding chair at the end of room. Feels like training camp.

-- Former Panthers Sean Hill and Mark Parrish out of the Minnysoter lineup tonight...

-- Nothing new to report on Chad Kilger. JM doesn't want to talk about it for obvious reasons and says he'll know Saturday whether Kilger joins the Panthers on Long Island. Memo to all the new Panthers making their first trip with the Cats to Long Island: Watch out for spilled water on the tile floors. They can be a bit slippery.

-- JM says he talked to Branislav Mezei today, asking him to bring more of a physical game. I honestly think Mez needed a change of scenery, or at least a few days to clear his head. Maybe knowing he's sticking around for at least a few more weeks brings up his play. Remember, he is playing for a contract, either here or somewhere else. Mez is a UFA come summertime.

Dodgertown Winterhaven -- Didn't post yesterday, took a true South Florida day off -- one that didn't include golf. Went and saw the Dodgers for one of the final times in Vero Beach. Opening Day at Dodgertown is something I didn't feel like missing this season.

Going to miss having the Dodgers and Indians (they train in Winter Haven but head to Arizona after this spring as well) in my Sunshine State every spring. At least the Orioles are staying in Fort Lauderdale, right? Right?