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Lights Out

Fpl Seems like FP&L is taking their promotion of turning down the lights a little too serious today. Power outages all over, including in Miami. So, having trouble getting updates online at MiamiHerald.com right now.

But now it's up. Here is our latest update with a few quotes scattered here and there:


PS: Previous post regarding Panthers getting a prospect was a mistake. I was at Publix filing that, didn't get details from Panthers PR other than it was a draft pick and a prospect. That prospect turned out to be 33-year-old d-man Karlis Skrastins, who has been part of nine NHL season.

Anyway, this stuff happens on trade deadline day....

-- In the "No Spit" File: TSN is reporting Olli Jokinen isn't going anywhere. Really? Where'd you get that exclusive?

-- Speaking of that, Mike Milbury has replaced Mike Keenan as the TSN trading day punching bag. Heard references to the Jokinen/Luongo trade all day long. Fun stuff.