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Live, from Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Greetings from Ohio's capital city, mad props to Harpo's Sports Café for not only having 80 TVs, but the Center Ice package as well.

On cellphone, so this is going to be short..

- Obviously great to see Richard Zednik back at the arena, that should be a real boost for the fellas...

- No shock seeing Mez get benched, right? One scout told me his stock goes up when he doesn't play. I don't think Mez is here this time next week...

- So JM says Noah Welch may be back in a few weeks. Ryno, too. We'll see what happens there..

- I know Moller was waiting for days to bust out 'Peanut Butta Jelly Time' when FLA scored its first goal...trust me, I laughed...

- Speaking of that, how great is XM Radio in rental cars?

- This place also has the Pens game on, as well as the Bug Jackets...hoping to put on the ATLs as well...There's Rimer now!