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Monday Night Zednik

Back in South Florida, been busy working and getting things back to normal. Been a long week, a long 24 hours.

Anyway, I have some updates regarding Richard. Some of this was posted at MiamiHerald.com earlier, some not.

-- Richard will likely remain at Buffalo General for a few days, they say he has to start eating regularly before they can let him go.

-- He is obviously lucky more damage wasn't done to his arteries and nerves -- and his jugular vein -- when he was struck in the neck by Olli's skate. The doctors said they were able to repair his carotid vein because is wasn't completely severed.

-- He asked when he could get back on the ice. He was told "next season.'' Doctors said today he can't do anything for six to eight weeks. But he's a hockey player. We'll see. As JM said, we'll know more at the end of the week.

-- Will update more tomorrow after the practice at Incredible Ice. Sure to be a media circus. For now, though, I'm signing off. Good night y'all.

-- Oh wait. Why is it oranges are cheaper in Canada and in Boston than they are in Sunrise, Florida? Do we have a special citrus tax I didn't know about?

-- A few of you have let me know about cards, letters, jerseys and stuff to be signed. Keep 'em coming. Will post everything here and will probably have something in my main notebook for Wednesday's paper.