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On the Road, Again

WillieHappy President's Day to all of you out there who have been a president sometime in your lives. Hope you have a happy day, and remember, this day is about you!

Delayed out of Fort Lauderdale today, just killing time as I wait to board my flight to Pittsburgh. Missed Saturday's game in Raleigh, the first road game I've missed this season. Figured I was due. Last time I missed a game in Raleigh, Florida led 3-0 going into the third, only Carolina scored six in the third to win. No way something like that could happen again, right?

No, Saturday's collapse may have been bigger than the one last year. The Panthers are actually in the thick of the playoff race this time around, and Saturday's loss, I think, is going to stick. And stink. This is one of those losses we're going to point to at the end of the year. Talk all you want about injuries and what not, but Saturday's loss is inexcusable. Florida led 4-2 in the third.  The Fakecanes had a goalie in net who has been so bad this year he was waived and not picked up by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Carolina may not make the playoffs this season, their injury list growing by the day, but it may have done the Panthers some serious damage in their postseason quest. Lot of time left in this season, and how quickly the Panthers can forget about this past game may determine their fate.

-- Once I get an update on Stephen Weiss' injury I will post something here. All I know is he's back in South Florida, supposedly getting an MRI today. JM is also not with the team in Pitt, he's at the GM meetings on Florida's other coast.

-- Why don't they have a Vice President's Day?

-- Being at Fort Lauderdale airport these days is a lot like sitting around the terminals in Las Vegas. People getting off the plane look so excited to be here, the warmth smacking them in the face as soon as they disembark. People are literally stripping as they run down the terminal toward baggage claim.

Different story for those about to board their plane for home. Their vacation being over is now a reality, that leather coat packed away the past week now rearing its ugly head. Some folks are obviously in denial, sitting in the airport in their shorts, sandals, hideous tropical silk shirt. But that bulky jacket is nearby, ready to be thrown back on.

Paradise won for some, lost for others.

Thanks for visiting Greater Fort Lauderdale....