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Richard Zednik Aftermath

BUFFALO -- Just got back to the hotel, my fingers have defrosted from the cold winters night.

Will have more of an update on Richard Zednik's condition in the morning; everything I know is on the post below. I'm sure Richard and his family appreciate the outpouring of support coming from his online fans. I know he doesn't know many of you personally, but I would venture he'll be touched so many people care.

Like I said in the previous post, feel free to leave your thoughts and best wishes in the comments section (go below), I'll get them to him.

Gus (pb1300 from the HF boards) says he's going to have a giant card at Wednesday's game against Richard's former team -- the Canadiens. He says he'll be outside the season ticket holder's entrance with it, inviting all to come and sign it.

We'll make sure that too, gets to Richard.

Some have asked what Richard's hockey future holds. I have no clue. That will come later. I don't think the Panthers are worried about that, although there are some who probably do. JM for one. He has to make some kind of a move for his week unless Rostislav is ready to go -- which he probably isn't. Richard should be able to heal up and do what he has to do. It's too early to speculate when he'll be coming back. Let the man get better. An injury like this can be harmful mentally as much as physically.

Also, I would think fans need to be worried about captain Olli Jokinen. He was emotionally drained tonight, even throwing some F-bombs at television reporters who asked a sensitive -- in light of this current event -- question. It wasn't that bad a question. It was just the heat of the moment, and was asked by someone Olli didn't know.

Olli and Richard are friends, and this is something Olli isn't going to forget anytime soon. This was in no way his fault, but his name has to be attached to it, so some people will assess blame. Some people always do.

-- The Buffalo fans showed a lot of class tonight, obviously many still remember the Clint Malarchuk incident from 1989 at the old Aud. Clint also lost a lot of blood after getting hit in the neck with a skate, and people here still talk about that. To have that much blood on Buffalo ice brought back some bad memories. The Buffalo fans were obviously in shock, and gave the teams a standing ovation when they came onto the ice. An even bigger ovation came when they announced that Richard was in stable condition.

Sure, some of them were Bills fans. But they were still classy. Just kidding.

-- Also, solid job by the Buffalo team doctors and by the quick actions of Florida trainer Dave 'Z' Zenobi. Dave was quick to apply pressure to Zednik's neck with a towel and get Richard into the locker room. The paramedics at the arena were also quick to the scene.


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Just wanted to give Z my best wishes. great to hear he's doing well. here's so a speedy recovery and hope to see #20 healthy again and back on the ice!

BTW - Clint Malarchuk played just four days after his injury. as long as Z didn't lose too much blood (it sounds like he's doing OK) and there are no complications, he should be fine reasonably soon.

Best Wishes. It's great to hear you're alright.

I can't speak for all Caps fans on all issues, but I can speak with great confidence on this. You're still well-loved around these parts. Get well soon Zed.

Zednik, I hope you feel better soon. On behalf of the whole Panther fan community, we are all concerned and wish you only the best.

All of us Washington Capitals fans wish Zed a speedy recovery! Glad your OK.

Olli's reaction to the questions posed to him was the same reaction we all had. I'll never understand why the press feels the need to pour salt on the wound in these situations. How did the reporter THINK Olli felt? I mean, come on!

And I sincerely hope that no one remotely tries to place any of the blame on Olli. It was a freak accident. Nothing more.

Thanks for giving us updates George. You rock!

zed.....my parents are Slovaks and I pray for your speedy return to health. We long time season tkT holders appreciate u giving 100% all the time and need u as a role model!!!!!

Get well soon Zed, our prayers are with you and your family.
Can't wait to see you back with the panthers in or out of a uniform.
Once a panther always a panther.

New Jersey Devils' fan here. My prayers and thoughts are with Richard Zednik, his wife and family. Wishing you a successful and speedy recovery. God bless.

Best wishes to Richard Zednik. I hope he can overcome the physical and mental scars, and I hope Jokinen also can realize this was just a terrible accident.

Zed- Loved you as a Cap and still do love you. I hope you and your family are doing ok and I wish you the speediest of recoveries.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery from a Devils fan. You always have been a pleasure to watch and I wish you a complete and total recovery. Much love and God bless.

Ingrid (Danofan355)

Devils' fan here. My thoughts and prayers are with Richard Zednik, and his family. I wish you a successful and speedy recovery and a quick return to the ice. People have to realize that NHL players sometimes put themselves in harms way to entertain us fans that love this game.
Best Wishes
- Craig

Our prayers are with you Richard. Hope to see you back soon but take all the time you need, till then we will be thinking of you.


Thoughts and prayers are with you Zed!! Get well and I wish you a speedy recovery. Caps fans (and all NHL fans for that matter) are thinking of you.

Best wishes to you Richard. My thoughts are with you.

Get well soon.

Devils fan.

Glad to hear Richard is doing OK. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery from Boston.
Thoughts are with Jokinen too as he deals with this horrible accident.

Get well soon. our thoughts are with you.

Hey GR, I know you don't get over to the "official" board very often, but those of us there will be tailgating on Friday and will have a Panthers sweater to sign that we hope to give to Zed as a "get well" present. To those reading, feel free to join us. The more names on it, the better.

Richard: My thoughts and prayers are with you as well as your family. I wish you a speedy recovery. Get yourself well first, worry about hockey later. Your health and your family are the most important things right now. Come back when you are ready!

Get well soon!

I am so glad to hear your are doing good!

I have been a big fan of yours and have watched and followed your career since you first played for the Caps 12 years ago.

Hell I still remember your first english words were Taco Bell..LoL.

You and your family are in my prayes..

Can't wait to see you on the ice again..

Dear Richard,

You have an angel on your shoulder. You are a brave, courageous man to have the capacity to skate to where you knew there was help. You're as tough as they come, and you need to know there was an entire nation praying for you that night, and going forward. Recover quickly, and best wishes.

The Rosato's

From A Toronto Maple Leaf Fan who watched the game..Richard..wishing you a speedy recovery, get well soon!

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