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Toronto South

Beach Panthers get another Maple Leaf, sending the third round pick they got from Colorado back to the Fort Lauderdale Maple Leafs for Chad Kilger.

This deal is not official yet, the Panthers trying to squeeze it in (as of this writing, the deadline has passed. It's 3:20 p.m. -- and 5 o'clock somewhere).

Kilger is a left winger, a former first round pick of the Ducks back in 1995. He has 10 goals and seven assists in 53 games this season; his 17 goals in 2005-06 is a career high.


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Same crap different pile

looks like Washington improved, looks like Carolina improved, looks like Atlanta improved and it looks like Tampa improved yet it looks like the same old for the panthers traded average player for average player

Do I hear last place

are you serious or just braindead? the lightning traded away brad richards for spare parts, the thrashers traded away hossa for spare parts and a risky prospect. that would be the equivalent of us dealing jokinen for what-ifs and maybes. yet they improved? get a clue.

i like the carolina deal, if nothing else that ruutu is a favorite of mine. but in the picture its a lateral move. both ladd and ruutu are a bit dissapointing for their draft spots and injury prone.

the caps did improve bigtime in my eyes. they will probably take the division.

as for the panthers...the slaei move was a lateral move. skrastins is the same player essentially. belak adds toughness and kilger a hard working role guy, but nothing special. they didn't trade jokinen, though, and that is a plus.so a thumbs up from me on this deadline day.

What we did was makes moves that made us tougher and grittier, and allows Jacques to send our minor leaguers back to the minors (See Tanner Glass, Drew Larman, Rob Globke). We also dumped the rest of Salei's 2 years at 3.2 mil per for Skrastins, who is on the downside of his career, but saves us some money going into the offseason.

Quote Alex: "are you serious or just braindead?"

He is brain dead!!! but it doesnt stop him from posting.

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