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Tuesday Report

Large crowd of media at today's practice in Coral Springs, so many we had to move to the upstairs meeting room at Incredible Ice.

A few new updates on Richard Zednik; he's been upgraded to good condition and it appears he'll be coming home this week.

JM says the 6-8 weeks for Zednik isn't written in stone, wouldn't say he's out for the season. We'll just wait and see.

Ville Peltonen takes Richard's place on the Olli line; so it's Olli centering Ville and Brett McLean. Rob Globke, called up yesterday, pops onto the third line replacing Peltonen. Talked to Ville, he said there's a little pressure on him to keep up Richard's red-hot offensive play, and he says he's going to try and keep that going.

Rostislav Olesz participated in the full workout but isn't expected to play tomorrow. Martin says he should be back on Friday against the Capitals.


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Zednik is a tough guy, that's great he'll be home this week, I admire the guy for his courage.

Olesz back Friday is going to be a huge boost...earier than I thought, thats good news.

Thanks as always for the updates George. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for them. Cna you fill us in on the demeanor of the players at practice? Were alot of them Shell Shocked from Sunday's incident or are they ready to get us into the playoffs for Zed?

I'm concerned this could effect Olli for the rest of the season.

Thanks George!


I am also a little concerned about Ollie.....Did you see his interview on Youtube for a French Language Station? I do not know if you were right there, but someone asked him about how he was feeling about doing that, and he asked the reporter what the F*#k type of question is that!

His head won't be straight for a while...we should not have finished the game!

Looks like my original post bashing the TV media was deleted. Not suprising! I still think they are a bunch of vultures. Where were they all season, we have a near tragedy and all of a sudden theres Channels 4-6-7-10 all decending on Panthers Practice for the first time all year. It takes a freakish accident before the Panthers get any local press.

Ahhhh, The "Catfan" takes the words RIGHT out of my mouth!

This media here...SUCKS. If it wasn't for this column, and a hadful of other spots...you wouldn't know ANYTHING about this team.

The biggest lousy creep that just grates and annoys me is that dirtball Steve Shapiro on 7. Never talks Panther hockey..Same with Lebetard here, I asked him a question on HIS column here, and said that Ultimate Fighting was more relevant.

Piece of filth garbage.

If it "bleeds..it leads" Right Belky's?

Get better Richard!

Catfan, I took off your initial response because of a certain word, not because of your message. unfortunately, I cannot edit the responses, so to get rid of the one word, I had to dump the whole message....I love free speech and let these messages stand for the most part....carry on -- george

Eh GR I didnt intend it as a poke at you! I knew it would be taken down. Esp for the Blue language. However the fact that it was up for an hour or so and hopefully was read by a few was good enough for me. I was really ticked off ant the presence of all 4 channels showing up. And one of them had the audacity to tell me they were "asked" to be there by the Panthers. As if the Panthers had not wanted them there at any other time this year.

The toned down version carries just as much weight, just w/o the bile and venom of the original post.

So AFTER the Zed questions they wanted to talk hockey eh. Once again Where ya been all season? would have been my repsonse. Why dont ya talk hockey on the air?

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