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Weiss Out

PITTSBURGH - C Stephen Weiss out at least two weeks with a broken finger on his left hand...


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can we catch a break here sometime this year?

no...worse, managment will use all this as an excuse to get renewels...tell them not to waste their time....we were soft and mediocre, again, before extensive injuries...

Not sure how you can say they are weak when there within 6 points of most every team in the east with all their injuries.

Wow. It's amazing we're still in contention with all the injuries and lineup shuffling. Unreal. No luck for the Cats this year and I don't expect any moves either.

Meyer or Stewart to get the call up? Probably Stewart, he's bound to set a new record for most miles travelled in a season due to being called up.

Meyer is likely the call up - but they just brought up Globke so they really don't need to bring anyone up.

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