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Hello all, sorry I haven't updated as I know many of you are emotionally tied to this. Here's what I know at 10:22 p.m.:

Zednik is out of surgery at Buffalo General; team says he is resting comfortably.

The team is on its way out of Buffalo right now, team trainer Dave Zenobi and assistant GM Randy Sexton staying behind with Richard.

Miami Air, the team's charter company, has arraigned to fly Richard's wife Jessica up to Buffalo to be with him. They hope to get her up here tonight. The winds and weather is brutal here, the airport closed to commercial traffic.

If I get anything else, will let you know.

Also, updates as they come available on our website at MiamiHerald.com

Feel free to leave wishes and regards for Richard there on the comments section. You can leave them here too. I will make sure to print them up and get them to him in the coming days.

Obviously a very scary moment for all of us here, and you all back home watching. Richard is a cool guy, one who is very much liked in that room. The guys are shaken up, that's for sure.

People around this team aren't going to forget tonight anytime soon.

Regards -- George