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Creating a Buzz

Buzz3Funny what a few wins will do for a team. Or an organization.

There are few professional sports teams that could have used an injection of good vibes like the Florida Panthers have gotten. Like JM said today, guys have to cherish this time of year. This is the fun stuff.

Course, little bit of pressure on the Cats these days. Going to be interesting how they respond to it. Finally getting some pub, getting some love. The Panthers have been off the radar for quite a while, but with Tomas Vokoun getting last week's Third Star and things like Craig Anderson's run, the Panthers have become media darlings.

Ran into Randy Moller this morning at the arena, and he says the phone is ringing off the hook, media types wanting to talk to players.

Here are some things I've found written about Los Panteros the past couple of days. Like I've said before, the Panthers will get their ink and video if they win. That's all it takes.

Here is Eric Duhatschek's take from the Globe and Mail: how great is this weather, eh?

This is Pierre LeBron's take for Sportsnet: I like TSN too

How about the Sporting News? I personally like St. Louis

And finally, the Canadian Press weighs in: thanks, google...

-- As long as I'm linking to stuff, here's the first edition of when Banana's go bad. It's really sad. They get all brown and nasty looking. Then they turn on you. Bad stuff. Good banana, bad banana

And while we're here: A new Thunderbug?