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Diving Expedition

DivingWell, well, well.

Thought the Carolina Dive storyline had worked its course last year and was pretty much ancient history?

Not so much.

JM didn't call the Hurricanes divers on the record after Thursday's spirited skate, but he might as well have.

Take this: "You have to be aware of their strategy. Their power play is very effective. We have to stay out of the box.''

OK, that wasn't much. How 'bout this: "We have to know when you play this team, you have to keep your stick down. They have a tendency to, um, they draw a lot of penalties. When you look at the record, they're plus-60 as far as power play opportunities versus penalty killing. We're minus 56.

"They have that act, and you have to be prepared for it.''

FUN WITH MATH: According to the NHL stats (and not including Carolina's game at Atlanta tonight), Carolina has been on the power play 374 times (scoring 17.9 percent) while being forced to kill off 314 (last in league with a successful kill rate of 78 percent). According to my math, JM is right. Plus 60.

Florida has been on the power play 280 times (fifth in league with success rate of 20 percent) and killed off 337 (20th in league, kill rate of 81.3). According to my math, Panthers are minus-57. So, JM's math is wrong, but by one extra penalty kill. Which supports his claim even more, I guess.

FUN WITH EDDIE: Moments like this make me miss Eddie Belfour. Then I spend good quality time talking to Tomas Vokoun, and that moment passes. Fort Lauderdale Dive Team

JACQUES FUTURE: Big story in today's Herald centered around JM's future with the team, and where he stands right now. Obviously the team's recent play has helped things out a bit. If you haven't seen it, here you go JM stuff

Blimpakron HIGH ABOVE QUARTERDECK: The Panthers' pregame show is going to have quite the twist tomorrow night, with Craigervini broadcasting live from the gondola of the Goodyear Blimp. With Craig up in the air (literally), Frank Forte takes over the in-house stuff at Stanley's on the club level (yeah, I know it isn't called that anymore.)

So if you aren't at the game, tune in around 6:30 and Craig will tell you that Sawgrass Mills still kinda looks like a big alligator from the air. If the red light's on, wave.