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Fight Club

FightclubThere's Wade Belak giving some teammates -- including Gregory Campbell -- some fighting tips.

Belak's brawl with Georges Laraque last night really seemed to give a charge to the crowd, gave a boost to the Panthers. Six seconds after the fight, Rostislav Olesz scored.

Belak admitted it was fun, said it's been too long since he had been in a good throw down.

-- Big news coming out of practice today is that Tomas Vokoun will start Saturday against the Thrashers.

-- Tanner Glass has been sent back to Rochester (actually flew to San Antonio to join the team) with Jozef Stumpel and Noah Welch supposedly back next week. Branislav Mezei will apparently be the odd D-man out, he was part of the injured skate Mike Kitchen put the guys through after practice.


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I am a firm believer in not changing major parts when things are going well... You need to insert a defenseman? Fine... But, to change a goaltender while you're on a three game winning streak, regardless of what he's done, is a bit off the wall... Yes, JM will say "Craig hasn't played much all season, and I feel that playing him 4 games straight wouldn't be realistic being that we have a great goaltender well rested."... That may be his exact quote!

Anyhow, he just set himself up for a major disaster if we lose... Even if it's not Vokoun's fault, it's still the fact.

Another situation, as I said in a previous blog, would be if we win... You CANNOT start flipping goaltenders... Never works.

I just hope something positive comes out of this, not only for Saturday night, but for the next 3 weeks! This could be JM's final fate.

As i said, no matter who plays, if we lose, JM will be blamed.

i have absolutely no problems with vokoun being back in goal. anderson has played well, but looked more than human last night against the penguins. we won that game because the skaters in front of him dominated play for a majority of the game. the penguins really got very little sustained pressure. we haven't seen that very much this year.

vokoun is the #1 guy. anderson is a great backup, but theres reasons why hes a backup. hopefully this inspires vokoun and he goes on a similar run...because he really is the only chance we have at making the postseason. anyone that thinks craig anderson can carry this team the next month is out to lunch.


I do not think we will lose... but this could transition into a flip-flop of goaltenders... Something that will not work...


I wanted to comment on your post... So I will =)

I, for one, do not believe Anderson can "carry" the team for the rest of the year... I have been simply stating a mere fact... Why mess with a winning streak? I even stated above, regardless of what the goaltender has done (shutout or gives up 3 goals), if you are winning don't make a major change!

Vokoun is our #1 goaltender... but if you are going to put him back in net now and we win, he MUST STAY in there!

Changing goaltenders all the time does not work! Part of me thinks that this is what JM could have in mind!

I don't know if JM's plan is to flip flop goalies. but tomas is the starter and atl isn't playing real good. it's probably a good time to put tomas back in...

Does anyone recall November 19th-28th? The Panthers on a four game winning streak with Vokoun in net... Next game out, and at home, JM decides to CHANGE goaltenders, and put Anderson in net. Panthers lost that game and 4 out of 5... Let's just HOPE all of this blogging by myself and everyone's thoughts all just turn out to be POSITIVE in whichever way they play out.

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