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Future Plans

GolfFive more games left in the Panthers season, and the best news I can come up with is golf rates drastically dip in South Florida on April 1.

And I ain't fooling.

The Panthers still have some playoff life left, but that light is flickering and on the verge of going out. According to sportsclubstats.com, the Panthers' shot to make the playoffs now stands at 2.5 percent. That's less than 3 percent to you math majors out there.

According to that page's analysis, if the Panthers go 5-0-0 to end the season, there's a 46.7 percent chance of them making it to the eighth slot.

So, yeah, we'll see.


-- Pete "Pete" Pelegrin subbed for me today in Coral Springs, says JM pulled a Pat Riley and bailed on practice today. Official word is JM is off scouting a college player, but I don't know much more than that.

Dude probably just needed a day off after last night. He was pretty ticked when he talked to us. Can't say that I blame him. Some of the Panthers best, and highest-paid, players were pretty crummy against the Lightning.

After what's happened the past few months, don't be surprised if Florida has someone else wearing the captain's 'C' next season.


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GR,"Can't say that I blame him., "??? How many errors did he make through the year and including last night? We were pushed around, and as a result, Im curious: How many shifts did Belak play? Why didnt JM play the guy he traded our 3rd round choice for? oh yea...north of the border. And so when the team could pay for the poor performance this morning, where was our P/T coach? Just dont matter much, hes gone in 5 games i would guess...
And that does not excuse Ollie; he never was a captain, and hes not a first line center. And Horton is not a two way player. And a good coach would know that. And a good GM would have built the team accordingly. We have neither...

JM IS THE MAN!!!! OJ SHOULD BE DEMOTED. David Booth is ready to step up and become captain. He tries so hard everyshift. OJ IS LOOKING LAZY.

who would you rather have Horton of Staal, we are still paying for this.

You look at this team and you see mistake after mistake by the organization. Interesting piece in the Hockey News about the Panthers talks about the fact that if this was a hockey town, Cohen would have been run out a long time ago.

Most scouts do not see much improvement in this team with the current set up.

Booth had a career year so cannot rely on him, he works hard but he is not a first line player. Horton is not a leader and it is clear we should of taking Staal instead in the draft.

Weiss is a defensive Center and we rely on him for points. Jokinen is a b+ type player and should not be the person you rely on.

This organization better hope that the players coming up are better than what is here or we will continue to be a bottom third organization (longest without making the playoffs in the league).

Cohen would be run out by who? That is a stupid comment if it is true. Owners are not "run out,'' if they were, the Maple Leafs would have new owners every three months.

Jokinen most definitely needs to go as captain next season. When your captain floats in the most important games of the year, he's got to be demoted in a sense.

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