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High School Hysteria

CoopHigh school ice hockey may not be an official, sanctioned sport in the great state of Florida, but the competition is pretty darned good.

Sure, it's not cheerleading, lacrosse, bowling or girls' flag football good, but it deserves a state championship.

So, lets have one.

The Florida high school finals kick off Friday at Pines Ice Arena and Lake Worth's Ice Zone, with the last four teams (from each division) standing moving on to the Big Bank in Sunrise for Sunday's Florida Frozen Four.

The games Friday and Saturday are free, but there is a nominal charge to come into the Sunrise arena on Sunday. Most of the Panthers' staff -- including PA guy Bill Murphy -- are volunteering their services so Sunday's games have the big-time feel only the Florida Panthers can give you.

Championship games are Sunday at 4:15 and 6 in two different classes.

For more info, and the complete sked, check out the Florida Scholastic Hockey League website here  FSHL or here High School Hockey is Cool!

Since the Panthers play their last regular season game Saturday, this could be the final games the BAC ice is used. Unless the playoffs come calling....

-- The USF band is here in Tampa tonight, a pretty cool addition to the Ice Palace, I might add. They have a good sound, and it adds a cool vibe, kind of like the USC band playing at Laker games. The Panthers might want to see if the kids from UM, FIU or FAU might want to play a couple games next season.


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Well hell George!

Hope you enjoyed St. Petersberg, home of the Charlestown Chiefs!

"Here's to all that gorgeous snatch in F.L.A.!!!"
- Moe Wanchuk #2

band Geek...

George, no playoffs for the Panthers. Last night was official - Boston would have to go no better than 2-4-0 or 0-2-4 their last 6 games while the Panthers win all 5 remaining, and Buffalo and Washington similarly choke and win no more than 4 and 3 games apiece respectively for the Panthers to make it. It's just not likely.

The Panthers' best hope now is that they outplay the Sabres and Caps to be best of the worst and miss the playoffs by just a couple of points. That plus exceed their point total of last season to say that, ultimately, they're still improving.

It is time to start considering who should be the Coach and/or GM of this team next year.

Here is hoping that this time Mr. Alan Cohen gets it right and picks the best people instead of being star struck.

The front offices of Dudley, Keenan and now Martin have made mistake after mistake.

The hockey news rates our drafts in the bottom third despite us having high draft picks. The future watch we went from an "A" to a C+ and again we are ranked in the bottom third.

There are a lot of opportunities to improve (just look at how much the flyers improved from last year).

While we are the same old same old there really has not been that big jump expected from the core group of players.

Out of the core only Weiss has improved under Martin, lets hope that with a new GM, a new Coach that some of these players will actually play to their ability

agree with the above poster. Time for a real coach....

Keep JM as GM. The last thing we need is another guy with another philosophy, and then undergo another 3-5 year rebuilding period without the playoffs until everyone gets sick of him. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

I'm fine with a new coach, i think JM should've used his timeout with 10 minutes to go, not 2. I think he has trouble motivating the guys.

But he's done some fine GM work and i look forward to seeing what he does in the offseason.

since they are getting rid of the ice at the end of the season, will they be auctioning off the ice? It would make a great addition to the OB urinal i just purchased.

the hockey news rates JM as the 20th best GM in the league or the 10th worse.

Says that with his personality he will never do anything that carries much of a risk with it.

Says he gave up the future for Vokoun and did not go his homework on Kilger.

Did good with Matthias and is cleaning up the mess from Keenan but not fast enough.

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