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Fun in the Sun

Gator The Panthers have officially suspended left wing Chad Kilger, the former Toronto Maple Leaf who apparently doesn't watch the Weather Channel.

Memo to Chad: It's currently 77 degrees here in Fort Lauderdale and the water's fine. The Panthers wish you were here!

Here's the deal to now: The Panthers make a deal right under the deadline, getting Kilger for a third round pick. Problem comes when Kilger decides he still has personal stuff he needs to work out. Kilger, you see, missed five games with the Maple Leafs earlier in February to sort out some things. The Panthers thought that was all worked out, he did play six more games after all.

Apparently the Panthers were under the guise that Kilger would join the team March 1, meet them in New York in time for the Panthers game with the Islanders.

He still hasn't reported, and Wednesday, the Panthers officially suspended him without pay.

Word is the suspension is retroactive to March 1. If that's the case, Kilger is giving up about $4,300 per day he misses. Say we count Thursday's game against the Pens: Kilger's tab is now at close to $26,000 -- without taxes.

Ac_2The suspension apparently ends when he reports, although I guess he would have to meet with JM and teammates before he would be welcomed back (although I think NHLPA rules would stipulate when he returns, the money is turned back on). All it'll take is one of those Air Canada non stops to Fort Lauderdale...

- Apparently wins mean days off. JM gave the boys another vacation day today.

Zednik3 - The Panthers are going to honor athletic trainer Dave Zenobi tomorrow before the game, giving him something called a Good Sport award. Don't care what it's called, it's definitely deserved. I would say Dave is a good dude even if he wasn't a big Cleveland fan. Dave, you might remember, was the first guy to attend to Richard Zednik up in Buffalo, putting serious pressure on his sliced neck.

Richard is scheduled to be there as well and is expected to present Dave with the award at center ice before kickoff.

- Notice how many records Craig Anderson has secured in the past few days? His 53 saves against the Islanders is an NHL record for most saves in a shutout, his 93 saves in the past two games a record for most saves without giving up a goal. Also, Panthers are first NHL team to ever win consecutive road games by a 1-0 score. So good for them!

- JM got a little upset with me when I asked if he was concerned about the Panthers' offense. I mean, two goals in two games isn't exactly setting the world on fire. But if two goals gets you four points, so it goes I guess.


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Think Andy gets start #3 in a row?

That's awesome they are recognizing what Dave did. He's earned a special place in Heaven as far as I am concerned. For the time and hours he puts in, he's probably very undercompensated and pretty unnoticed. But this is a clear example of what a great person he is.

Yes, Andy gets the third start tomorrow...too hot not to...and Dave does a great job...

Ahh so Anderson will start as anticipated, thats good to hear, not bashing on Vokoun just the whole 2 shutouts in a row thing...

Anyways, I know you have probably said it like a few times, but with all of our players making it back soon (Stumpel, Dvorak, Welch, Van Ryn) I know you are no miracle worker(ok yes you are) could you gives us your perspective of timetables for those 4? And what the heck is going to happen when all four of them are back? In your oppinion who gets the scratches? We are going to have a logjam I say.

Logjam? Logjam of what? lol... Yes, it seems like we'll have Welch and Van Ryn returning on defense... Let's say Allen is still out...

You've got Bouwmeester, Skrastins, Cullimore, Murphy, Welch, Van Ryn, and possibly dress Mezei as a 7th defenseman, but I wouldn't since you have Montador who could go back there if needbe in the middle of a game...

Scratch Mezei and Johansson. That's a no-brainer to me...

At forward, let's say we get Dvorak and Stumpel back...Glass gets demoted/scratched... Montador would go back to defense, even though he's performed well on offense.

If all 4 were ready to play at the same time, I'm sure either Van Ryn or Welch would get scratched... I can't see them doing anything else.

But I would automatically say Johansson, Mezei, and Glass would be out.

JM got upset with you? thats your freakin job!!! if anything you guys give him alot of rope, i watch the videos of the interview...if this was NY the post and news would have ate him up for his failures; and toronto would have spit him out!! he should thank the 3 of you how proffessional you have been with him for these 3 years of his dream job..

ICE, you can only have so many men on an active roster... even with scratches. Welch Van Ryn Stumpel Dvorak Kilger and Murray have to be activated still. Logjam of defense, thats what. We have Bouw Allen Cullimore Skrastins Welch Murphy Mezei Johansson Belak and Montador. Thats 10, a typical team has 7. Not to mention we are also up to too many forwards as well, but FA next season will solve that because not all of them will be back and we actually have some 2-way contracts up front.

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