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On the Train, Again

TrainSOMEWHERE IN CONNECTICUT, PERHAPS STAMFORD BUT POSSIBLY HARTFORD. REALLY DON'T KNOW -- Greetings from my comfortable seat on an Amtrak Acela train headed north to Boston. The Panthers have canceled practice for today, so it's going to be another one of those lazy days.

Don't have any news for you, other than to inform you that the Virgin Superstore in NYC is having a huge sale. Bought a ton of new music last night, burning it onto my laptop as we speak. Virgin store at Sunset Place down near UM is probably having the same sale. So get on down there. Worth the trip.

(*) Been informed that the Virgin store at Sunset Place closed a while ago. Yeah. Didn't know that, sorry. Haven't been down there in a bit. But it was a great store. If you are down in that area, stop by AllCanes and say hello to Harry. Tell him I said hello...

-- Was talking about his with Steve "Brand" X earlier today: What do you want to bet Alex Auld gets the call tomorrow for the Bs? If I'm Claude Julilen, I'm playing him. Think about it. In the past two starts, Tim Thomas has surrendered 10 goals to the Panthers and was yanked in the third period of the previous game down 4-2.

Auldie shut down the Panthers in the third allowing his teammates to get the two goals to force overtime, and then Alex beat his old teammates in a shutout.

Last time the Panthers played here in Boston, they lit up Thomas for six goals.

-- Hey! We're in Bridgeport!

-- Greetings from New Haven, Connecticut, former home of Dolphins coach Tony Sporano....

-- Did you know Rostislav Olesz is a restricted free agent this summer? That could get a little interesting....