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Opening, Closing Day

IncredibleThe Marlins kick off their season today just as the Panthers begin putting theirs to bed.

The Panthers are set to play out the string, starting Tuesday night in Atlanta. Should be a barn burner. Two teams that don't seem to care a whole lot about playing hockey right now. I may be wrong, but that's how it looks.

The team held its final workout at Incredible Ice today, the next time the Panthers are in South Florida they'll be cleaning out lockers and bundling up sticks for the summer.

-- Craig Anderson gets the start tomorrow night.

-- The Panthers have signed forward Andrew Sweetland, who played collegiately at Maine. Sweetland had eight goals and nine assists for the Black Bears (who used to have quite the baseball program back in the day) last season. JM says he'll have a chance to make the team during training camp next September.

-- Watching WGN right now. Opening Day in Chicago: Rainy and about 40 degrees. Good times. Thanks to ESPN for the bonus Tigers/Royals while we wait for the rain to stop in New York...

-- Tigers' color analyst Rod Allen when Miguel Cabrera stepped to the plate: "He's never really played in front of a crowd like this. They didn't draw many to Miami."

I know the Marlins are an easy target, but give me a break. Wasn't too long ago the Detroit Tigers, with their brand new stadium, couldn't draw flies and advertised in opposing cities trying to drum up business.

I also think Cabrera has played in front of large crowds (re: 2003 playoffs/World Series) with a little more pressure than an Opening Day in the Motor City.

Congrats to Miguel on the home run though. And the monster contract, too.