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Ranger, Danger

KeenanThe Rangers come to town as hot as any team in the league right now, winners of 10 of 13 -- and without a regulation loss in more than a month.

The Panthers are talking about this being their game of the year, yet with the Panthers' margin or error so small, every game takes on that kind of importance. Yet, it's hard to overlook tonight's game as being pretty important for the Panthers' playoff hopes.

Of course, if Florida loses, life will still go on. Truthfully, this may be one of the games Florida can lose. They aren't chasing the Rangers, really, and everyone knows they aren't going to end the season riding a 15 game winning streak. They have to lose eventually, and if it happens tonight, so be it. Florida's biggest games are upcoming. After tonight, Florida finishes with nothing but Southeast rivals.

-- No real news coming out of practice today, no roster changes, nothing.

-- From what I've been told, the in-game folks have a little surprise planned for tonight, but no elaborate skits or comedy acts scheduled.  One of the better skits they've done this season came the last time the Rangers came to town back around Thanksgiving time. Florida won that game, and this skit got a bunch of hits on YouTube.  If you haven't seen it, enjoy:  HAPPY TURKEY DAY