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Record Book Time

MaheraldThanks to the Miami Herald's library system -- and some good fact collectin' over the years by one David J. Neal -- I was able to piece together the Panthers' top six shutout streaks in the franchise's short (but fun) history.

Here you are. Enjoy!

No. 1: Roberto Luongo 182:37 (Feb. 23-27, 2004)

No. 2: Luongo 160:05 (Feb. 18-21, 2004)
No. 3: Craig Anderson 154:05 (Feb. 23, March 2-6, 2008)
No. 4: John Vanbiesbrouck/Mark Fitzpatrick 151:29 (Feb. 25-March 2, 1995)
No. 5: Luongo 148:16 (Oct. 5-8, 2005)
No. 6: Luongo 144:51 (Jan. 15-20, 2003)


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I believe JM should once again start Craig Anderson on Saturday night vs. Atlanta. This is the key time of the year to ride a hot goaltender. If Anderson can continue to make this team win, one way or another, he has to keep getting the starts... The last thing that needs to happen is for JM to flip-flop the guys... It won't work. So far so good for JM on his decision, but Saturday night is a key one...

gotta feel bad for JM on this one. No matter who he starts, if we lose on Saturday, he'll get the blame.


JM would not get the blame if Anderson started... If Vokoun started and we lost, then JM would get ripped...

I can understand his logic either way, but it's much easier to explain an Anderson start than a Vokoun.

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