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Saturday Night Alive

StadiumMust be a lot going on in South Florida this fine Saturday night from the looks of the Big Bank in Sunrise.

Either that or all the hockey fans in town think the game starts at 7:30 and not 7. Or they set their watches back instead of forward and will be here later.

Either way, this place is empty. Depressingly so. Perhaps it will fill in as time goes on.


-- OK, things filled in here a bit, not a bad little crowd. Fans seem to be enjoying themselves, booing the refs, etc...

-- Nothing much coming out of practice today other than Tomas Vokoun starting tonight. But you already knew that, so, yeah.

-- Oh, Jozef Stumpel says he's aiming for a Wednesday return, although he says that's not concrete. He still wants to keep working on his shoulder. And who can blame him.


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Let Stumpy stay on the mend.......Who do you take out?

JM has a lot of big descisions to make........2 Dman and Stumpy coming back.......

What to do!

Stumpy, go ahead and take all summer to fix that shoulder because we don't need you or want you.

Yeah, JM's just gonna put Olesz with stumpy on the 3rd line, and i like Olesz on that top line.

Sticky situation.

This is what we are looking at with Stumpel back...

D1 - Bouwmeester - Skrastins
D2 - Allen - Murphy
D3 - Johansson - Montador
(Cullimore would prob. be a scratch as of now)(Welch could be inserted as well)

Forwards lines would be:
Jokinen, McLean, Olesz
Booth, Weiss, Horton
Peltonen, Stumpel, Dvorak
Belak, Kreps, Campbell

I doubt cullimore gets a scratch for johansson.

He's too solid.

But the point is, some guys will be scratched as we wind down this season, sicne we have quite the logjam...


What's up, buddy!?! Quick question: How can we get outdoor NHL hockey in South Florida?


Well, if we go by minutes for the last game, he would def. scratch Johansson in favor of Cullimore... you never know with JM though, just take a look at 2 games ago!

Anyhow, what I think will happen if Stumpel comes back Wednesday, is that we'll see Kreps scratched... Monty will stay on the 4th line, and Cullimore/Johansson will stay together...

So the 4th line would be Montador-Campbell-Belak.

I'd think that would be the best option right now.

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