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Saturday Night Alive

StadiumMust be a lot going on in South Florida this fine Saturday night from the looks of the Big Bank in Sunrise.

Either that or all the hockey fans in town think the game starts at 7:30 and not 7. Or they set their watches back instead of forward and will be here later.

Either way, this place is empty. Depressingly so. Perhaps it will fill in as time goes on.


-- OK, things filled in here a bit, not a bad little crowd. Fans seem to be enjoying themselves, booing the refs, etc...

-- Nothing much coming out of practice today other than Tomas Vokoun starting tonight. But you already knew that, so, yeah.

-- Oh, Jozef Stumpel says he's aiming for a Wednesday return, although he says that's not concrete. He still wants to keep working on his shoulder. And who can blame him.