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Skating to the Music

TonyakerriganThe Panthers got bumped off their normal sheet of ice Friday, the Incredible Ice complex overrun by little kids who also like to skate.

Turns out the rink was hosting an ice skating competition (is that the right way to say it? I don't know) and needed the stadium rink for all the many moms and dads who came to watch their kiddies do triple axels and figure eights around the ice usually tromped on by big old hockey players. 

Those moms and dads must all drive separately. The parking lots were packed with SUVs and the like, and I don't think there were that many people in the building. Learn to car pool people!

Turned out it wasn't too big a deal for the Panthers, who simply walked over the the other sheet of ice. Some of the music was actually OK, and I was embarrassed when I broke down and cried when I heard Celene Dion's emotional song from Titanic.

I could go on, but I'm not sure I can.

-- Not much out of Cat Camp today. JM wouldn't say whether Jozef Stumpel and/or Noah Welch get some PT tomorrow against the Thunderbolts from across the way. I guess one of them gets in. Just a hunch.

-- Who's up for another edition of "Bad Florida Panthers Omens"? No? Too bad.

Remember when the Panthers last had a seven game winning streak, back in March 2006? Sure you do. That streak was ended with a loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Today the Panthers play the exact same sequence as they did in 2006.

Check this out:

2006 -- March 31: At Carolina (L 3-2); April 1: TAMPA (W 4-2); April 3: at Tampa (L 4-1); April 5: ATLANTA (L 5-2)

2008 -- March 20: CAROLINA (SOL 2-1); March 22: TAMPA (???); March 25: at Tampa (???); March 27: ATLANTA (???)

Course, those ATL and TBAY teams were a little better than their 2008 counterparts, but it'll be interesting to see if the Panthers can move on from this loss to Carolina like the 2006 version could not. That FLA team also had a long way to go to make it to the postseason, a much harder climb to the playoffs.

According to my personal archive, after losing to Carolina on March 31, 2006, the Panthers were eight points behind eighth place Tampa Bay with nine games to go. They pulled to within six, but were done after losing to the Bolts on April 3.

-- Nice win by San Diego over UConn, eh? Betting there aren't many out there who had the Toreros in their brackets (the ones you filled out purely for entertainment purposes, of course.) I did pick them! Nah, just kidding.

-- Here's a fun weblink old Carolina pal Luke DeCock at the Raleigh News&Observer hooked me up with. Fun to look at all the percentages and stuff, but I don't think this takes into account a team's current state such as Philadelphia and Boston losing games and such. It may, I don't know. I skipped most of my math classes back in the day. Fun with Math