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This Just In

From TSN.com's Ice Chips: Contrary to earlier reports, Richard Zednik did not skate around on Thursday. He did put on skates but only to participate in a team photo at centre ice.

Memo to TSN: Richard Zednik did indeed skate, I was there and saw it. He even talked to the media about it last night at the arena. That is all....


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TSN's sources are better and more reliable than what you "claim" to have seen.

They are rarely wrong in their reporting.


Jeez TSN remembers there is a pro team down here. How nice is that? However GR never believe what your eyes see cuz you can be decieved. Especially if you drink enough PANTHER PUNCH!!!!

This just in from TSN: Olli Jokinen will not be in a Panthers uniform after the trade deadline...

I was on NHL.com and man, if i wasn't following the panthers, i'd have no idea that we're unbeaten in regulation for 9 games.

TSN is Canadian, so i understand the focus/bias towards canadian teams. But NHL.com must be for penquin/ranger/philly fans only.

But yeah, there's no excuse for misinformation.

The Miami Herald - your TRUE source for Panthers news, pics of Alyssa Milano and the Hooters girls and restaurant analyses from various NHL cities.

Hey, if you all want the restaurant reviews to resume again, let me know!

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